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Publisher Eternal Press
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Monday, August 27, 2012

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Excerpt from "Angel in My Heart, Devil in My Soul" coming in November by Linda Hays-Gibbs and Eternal Press
She was his dream, her body, her breasts, her slender arms and creamy white shoulders were beauty too fine to name. John stopped dead in his tracks completely still, completely immobile. He felt himself shiver and then tingle all over again, like a stupid schoolboy. He could not help himself, so he tugged the dress further off her body. John almost swallowed his tongue when he looked at the rest of her. She had a tiny waist and slender legs, creamy buttocks shaped to perfection. Her eyelashes fell on her cheek like butterfly wings and her high cheekbones and arched eyebrows were the perfect shade for her porcelain flawless complexion. The girl actually glowed. Her aura was shimmering, sparkling angelic, totally intoxicating. He pulled the rag that bound around her head with the tip of his knife it collapsed. She had such a head of velvet brown hair with gold and reddish highlights that gleamed and fell like a silken sheet to drape over his arm. Her arm fell onto his lap, he saw stars and then he saw long beautiful fingers also of peaches and cream complexion. He also felt something electric zinging through him that he had never before felt. He grabbed her arm from across his lap and placed it on her side detesting the touch of her, as he had never felt such a jolt that just her touch had made. He shivered and caught his breath. John was washing her forehead when she opened her golden eyes and stared into his blue ones. His heart stopped!
Oh, my, he just felt like a caught animal. He could not move. It was his dream! She stared at him for what seemed like forever and then her eyes fluttered and closed again. John had seen golden pools in her eye’s depth and his breath had actually caught in his lungs. His lungs seized. It could not be her, not the woman in his dreams! It did not matter. He must complete his mission and dispense with the woman. He raised his knife again to strike but he laid it down beside her. He put his fingers on her throat and tried to strangle her. She would not bespell him. Grinding his teeth, he started to perspire heavily and found that he did not have the strength to strangle this angel. John pressed her hand into his hand and lifted it to his mouth. He smelled her fingers and threw her hand back on the bed. She was intoxicating. He paced away and ran his fingers through his hair again. He sucked in a breathe and shivered.
What magic was this? It was not possible that this was his dream. He found he could not breathe! He jumped up and ran out of the room and down the stairs. He could not believe the texture of her skin or the fan of her eyelashes. What kind of woman felt like heaven to hold, like holding a cloud of blessings or an armful of love? He did not know of such things. Confused was the least of his problems for he had never known of love things and what blessings were. His life was devoid of sweet scented cloud angels. All he knew was pain and hardness of a life tormented without a soul. How could he touch the reddish brown and blonde hair? It tormented him, the way the silk ribbons touched with flames of fire slithered threw his fingers or how her eyes peered into his soul

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Angel in My Heart, Devil in My Soul" is coming in November.  It is a new Paranormal Regency Romance. 
     Rachael has strange powers that she does not know how to control. She can see, taste, hear, smell and feel evil.  As a child she was hidden away from the world to protect her.  Her family all mysteriously dies and she is left all alone.  All she has are dreams of a boy and later a man that she knows is her soulmate.  The only problem is he is evil. He does horrible things in her dreams and she is terrified by what she sees.
     John Monroe is an assasin but not your normal assasin.  He kills for the devil. He has no life only the control of his knife.  He fingers the dragon head and ruby eye of his knife.  It is his only friend. He can kill with it swiftly and surely.  He has dreams of a girl and later a woman that torment him.  In his dreams there is another life away from the nightmare he lives.