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Publisher Eternal Press
Love and the Paranormal

Friday, November 29, 2013

The best selling Highland Christmas Series

Regency Christmas Romance, fairies, Dagda, ancient Celtic God
with a Magical harp in Highland intrigue

   Lady Ros Amber Sinclair has never been loved or loved anyone.  Her life was void of the nicer feelings.  She determined to serve her country and do whatever it would take to stop Napoleon.  She has estates, money and looks so why would she need love.
  Declan MacDonald’s family is cursed. The men marry but never love.  It is something that he has accepted.  He knows he will never love a woman so he is determined to serve his country as a spy.  He will do whatever it takes, lie, steal, or kill to preserve Scotland.
   Declan is sent to kill the woman spy that is working with Napoleon.  He never thought he would kill a woman but for his country he would.  
   “Sometimes there is magic, sometimes it is necessary and sometimes it is love.”
 He pulled her into his embrace but she was not close enough so he held her tighter and claimed her lips with a savage kiss that took her breath away.
May Dagda’s harp play for you someday and give you ecstasy.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Title: No Gentleman is He
Authors: Carley Bauer and Lynette Willows
Genre: Historical Fiction Romance
Review Rating: Four Stars
Reviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs
Exciting and Entertaining

     Cassandra Courtney Brooks is an Aristocratic English Lady, who eloped with Seth Brooks, a stable hand  into the new American colonies. Shortly upon their arrival in 1775 Virginia, Seth dies. To survive Cassandra works at a tavern where she can also stable the horses they were breeding before Seth's death. She was a very exceptional woman for that time period to be surviving alone especially for a gently bred lady.
 Casey is also a determined woman with exceptional horse flesh and breeding plans. A mare of hers is folding and in danger of dying.  She confides her problem while waiting on two customers. These two customers, Jackson Lee and Colton Rolfe offer to help her mare fold.
     Colton Rolfe is a man of infinite passions. He is part Native American and treated poorly by his father and stepmother after his mom died. Despite this life that hardened Colton he is a determined horse breeder and rich man as the owner of Varina Farms. He sees the superior horse flesh in Cassandra's horse while helping the birth of her colt. He covets her horse and already feels a desire for Cassandra.
     Jackson Lee, a close friend and competitor of Colton, owns another horse ranch but has more refined horses. He also recognizes Cassandra's exceptional horse flesh. He witnesses that Colton and Cassandra are already drawn to each other.  He thinks it grand for he worried his friend would never find anyone to manage his terrible temper and rudeness.
     Colton offers Cassandra a position on his ranch as steward and housekeeper. It is a grand place for her horses that he plans to keep. He thinks she will fail, give up and leave her horses with him when she returns to England. He doesn't realize what a remarkable woman she is.
     Cassandra surprises everyone with her intelligence, strength and integrity. She is stubborn and determined. She finds abuses by his past steward and saves Colton money and horses.
    The American revolution is getting underway. Jackson and Colton were discussing new intelligence. Their plans were overheard by Cassandra so they fear her an English spy. They take her with them to Concord. Along the way Colton falls more and more in love with Cassandra.
    It is a love hate relationship with a fire so intense you can feel the heat of it coming off the page. I was very impressed by the weave of history in this most erotic love story. The first battle with the British was accurate and so interesting you felt the urgency. 
    The characters were in four dimensions. You could feel the pull between the main characters and you felt for their problems. 
Their personalities were firmly set in your mind and you flowed with them through their troubles. 
     I really enjoyed this historical fiction and the romance between Colton and Cassandra that's was so  heated and erotic. It fairly sizzled. I gave it Four Stars with an A plus on the side.
    Just a note to the authors, I had a little problem with historical accuracy. I think the Waltz was not done in America until around 1812 to 1815 when it was introduced to Regency England and Almacks.
       Also the wilderness of Virginia was referred to as 'The Bush' on one occasion. I believe that term is from Australia and not used in America. The wilderness is simply, the forest, wilds or wilderness.  I have never heard that used in North America. 
     The rest of the history involved in the book is very accurate and so interesting I felt compelled to tell of those two inaccuracies in hopes that they could be corrected. That was not intended to say that I didn't totally and happily enjoy this wonderful book. I highly recommend this wonderful tale and applaud both authors for their hard  and ingenious work. I look forward to more in the future.
Linda Hays-Gibbs

Monday, November 18, 2013

Title: Scandal's Heiress Author: Amelia Smith Genre: Romantic Historical Fiction Review Rating: Five Stars Reviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs Romantic and Endearing Sir Thomas Smithson Pently returns home to England from India to reluctantly assume his position in society after his brother's death. His father is on his deathbed too and the situation is dire. Thomas left over ten years ago with bad blood between them. The only reason he decides to heed the call home is the recent death of his love. Hyacinth Grey lives in Gibraltar with her widowed father, Captain Grey and her brother, George. She takes on the roll of mother and governess to George. George is actually illegitimate but Hyacinth doesn't care. Her father gets word that Hyacinth inherited all if her improper grandmother's properties and assets. He wants his daughter to have a proper introduction to society. His sister, Lady Talbot lives in London and will see to her nieces presentation so he decides to send her to London. He decides his son can go to a school there too. Maria, Hyacinth's maid will be their chaperone. Thomas and Hyacinth are sent on the same ship. Her father cant accompany her and he warns her away from Thomas but the trip takes longer than anticipated and they are thrown into each other's company. She is determined to not like him but she finds herself indebted to him and drawn to him. It was such a romantic and inspiring story. You really feel like you know these two characters before the book ends. They become very real and alive to you and you are so hopeful for their futures. I could not put the book down after a few pages, as I was hooked. The descriptions were breath taking at times like when Thomas dives into the water after George. The waves were frightening in a fierce storm at sea but swimming in them was almost impossible. Thomas and George were in horrendous danger and you felt it. I am a Regency nut and I love all things of this period and these two characters are now on my list. I truly loved them. I give this superb story Five Stars and wish I could give it Six. It is excellent. I recommend it to all who want good clean Regency. Thank you Amelia. Linda Hays-Gibbs

Sunday, November 3, 2013