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Friday, August 30, 2013
Review: My Angel, My Light as Darkness Falls by Linda Hays-Gibbs April 18th, 2012 | Author: Marilyn MY ANGEL, MY LIGHT AS DARKNESS FALLS Linda Hays-Gibbs ISBN: 978-1615726035 (Paperback) ASIN: B00769015M (Kindle) February 2012 (Paperback) February 2012 (Kindle) Eternal Press / Damnation Books LLC Historical / Regency / Paranormal On the eve of the battle of Waterloo, Lady Pru was led out to the ballroom by her fraternal twin brother Michael David Densington White, sixth Earl of White. Even though Pru had not been formerly brought out yet, the stress of being shut up waiting for Bonaparte’s army to initiate the battle led to those waiting to let off steam, find joy and celebrate before the battle. Michael, ever protective did not like the attention Pru was getting from his friend Fearghass MacDonald, the Duke of Somerled but allowed Fearghass one dance with his sister, one dance and one stolen kiss that was enough for Fearghass to proclaim he wished to make Pru his Duchess once the battle was over. When the battle ended and Michael did not return for her, Pru could not be persuaded to leave until she found Michael and went to the battlefield, a sea of blood and carnage where she walked, stumbled and searched for her brother’s body. When found just before nightfall, she sank down and cradled her brothers body and screamed and raged throughout the night. However, a French soldier saw her and rather than flee as he should have – as the night grew colder he drew her into his arms as she finally slept – keeping Pru warm and safe from the evil that stalked the night. *** This short novella was a most unusual paranormal regency romance with vampires and ghosts. I picked this up on a whim, because of the mention of ghosts and found it to be an utterly and totally engrossing story. The title of MY ANGEL, MY LIGHT AS DARKNESS FALLS was unusual to say the least but from the first few pages I was hooked. Pru and her brother were orphaned and being twins they had a special bond – the author put that to excellent use in later showing how much love there was between the two. Describing Pru’s heartache and devastation so extreme for a young girl who had never had to fend for herself. Michael had protected and provided for her every need. Pru was delicate, dainty and so beautiful it took most peoples breath away – beautiful and pure. With this in mind the author was able to portray, how such a fragile young woman survived, with the help of a few new friends, including a devoted heart-sick French soldier; a huge protective dog; a confused ghost; and help from the great beyond as goodness versus evil in a most wonderful and provocative tale with an ending I found to be FANTASTIC. Talk about a nice twist! I don’t want to spoil the surprises of this marvelous tale by giving any more spoilers away, but the bottom line is that I was moved, emotionally and spiritually by the prose and beautiful imagery this author was able to convey. I strongly suggest and highly recommend that most readers of both historical and paranormal will find a lot to love in this beautifully rendered story.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Angel in My Heart, Devil in My Soul Linda Hays-Gibbs Reviewed by Sherri M Posted February 2, 2013 Paranormal Historical John Monroe was kidnapped at eight years old by the Devil himself. He was raised without love or affection. Tortured and stripped of his humanity, he was taught evil as a way of life. He obeyed orders from the Devil thoughtlessly. He was the Devil's perfect assassin. John's soul was black and owned by the Devil himself. When John is sent on another mission with no thoughts other than to kill his next victim, he finds Rachel. Rachel is pure innocence, a golden soul. She is Nephilim, half human, half angel. She has been sheltered from the world her entire life. When her grandmother dies, her uncle, who Rachel believes to be evil with greed, will become her guardian, she decides to set out on her own. John finally catches up with Rachel at an inn as she falls down the steps and bumps her head. She can't remember who she is or what she is. John seizes this opportunity and uses it to his advantage. He is entranced by Rachel. She is everything that he never had in his life. He wants to own bed her. When Rachel regains her memory of who and what she is, will she still love John or will he loose her forever? Linda Hays-Gibbs brings readers though another inspirational tale of Good vs. Evil. Her characters are able to grow their relationship based on trust, forgiveness, and of course love. Learn more about Angel in My Heart, Devil in My Soul SUMMARY An Angel ignites passion in his heart but can this black Soul ever really love her? John Monroe had done unspeakable evil in his miserable life. He thought nothing of the order to kill this woman until his eyes feasted on her beauty. He was stunned by his reaction to her. Rachael dared to dream of a love, nothing could stop. She had to find out if the man in her dreams was real. She would learn to control her strange powers. Sensing evil with her five senses was a curse she lived with until she fell and lost her memory and her heart.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Title: Pirate Barbarian Author: Tasha Temple Review Rating: Five Stars Reviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs Hot...Hot...Sizzling Hot exciting adult adventure! Want to go pillaging, pirating, cavorting and fall in love with a dangerous steely, bigger than life, virile male pirate with beauty, muscles, gorgeous green eyes, and ruthless courage? Well then, this is the book for you! Would you rather find a beautiful blue eyed, chestnut haired, brave warm woman to carry off on an adventure? Kai is from the islands and all he knows is pirating and unfeeling glory. He's smart and very dangerous and he's never been broken by love until he meets Miss Jolene Winston, an English lady with her new fiancée, Raul on her way to be married. Incidentally, Raul was turning out to be a mean hearted bully who hurts Jolene. Kai captures Raul's ship and her and carries her off on an adventure into paranormal perplexities she could never imagine. Raul scuttles off into the night. Jolene thinks she will be murdered and stands up to this frightful beast of a pirate. No one ever stood up to him so Kai is intrigued by this little spitfire. Their chemistry is raging, hot, lustful, unforgiving and not for the feint of heart, so, if you want an erotic jaunt into historical fantasy; this will fulfill your dreams and more. There are a few spelling or typos but the book was burning my fingers it was so hot, so I failed to notice. Seriously, I thought it great fun and want to read more from Tashe Temple in the future. I gave her Five sizzling stars. Great job! Linda Hays-Gibbs

Monday, August 19, 2013

Please pray for Egypt! The Moslem Brotherhood is burning all the churches, killing Christians and just about everything else that breathes. We need to Pray for them and beg Obama to do something and not back this genocide. We may not be able to do much but we can Pray. The Middle East is going up in flames while we paint our toenails and fluff our hair. Like Rome when Nero fiddled as is it burned. Please write articles, write congressmen, we must do something for Israel is over there too and we could be next. There must be some courage for the right thing to do but if not for morals then for the stinking oil that will stop too! There won't be any gas for your car or electricity for your hair dryer. Please pray if nothing else that the slaughter of men, women and children will stop. Please pray!

Thursday, August 15, 2013 Freebies freebies 5. A.M. Flash Linda Hays-Gibbs Innocent Hearts Blog http://www. Linda Hays-Gibbs Bio She has been writing poetry and Fantasy all her life but always wanted to write romance novels, especially Regency Romance. She is very excited about her new publisher Eternal Press and Damnation Books. Her book "My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls" is now followed by Angel in My Heart, Devil in My Soul and is her newest release. Regency period seemed to call to her imagination. She loves swimming and collecting. Linda does Native American geneology research and has found she is the great great grand daughter of Daniel Boone. She thinks that she and Boone had alot of things in common as she has loved to explore and travel. Linda is so a reviewer for TRR, The Romance Reviews. Linda has self published on KDP and with Publish America. She loves animals has an African Grey Parrot and a Pekingese but her children are her greatest delight but above all, Linda puts God. Attention Freebies again! Starting today, I will be offering free books. There will be a different one every day.Search for it! Her Amazon Page An erotic satire about sex and hopefully a funny story. A man finds himself and his happiness against all odds. Free today A love story with an angel!s heart in the balance! A love story you will never forget. A story of the fall of angels and what we can imagine one family did before the flood. A story about miracles and love when all seems lost. Miracles and love are abundant when you have faith. Christmas miracles and romance in a regency and paranormal setting. Sent from my iPhone
Attention Freebies again! Starting today, I will be offering free books. There will be a different one every day.Search for it!
Title: An Irish Rose Author: Erin Moira O'Hara Review Rating: Five Stars Reviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs This story takes place in 1959 in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland; when 28 year old virgin, Claire Nugent decides to travel to Australia to be in her sister's wedding She is supposed to marry a 40 year old man or become a nun, but she has dreams no one knows about. Her dreams of falling in love are never to be if she stays in Ireland. Claire decides her only hope is this trip. She finds one man that drives her insane and won't leave her alone. He is at every dance she attends and acts so possessive. Daniel Hunter decides on his beautiful Irish rose but there is only one problem; she hates him. He has tried everything he knows to claim her heart but she refuses him. Will Daniel suffer in vain? Will Claire become a nun or return to her home and marry an old man? Or will she fall in love in Australia? What a lovely romantic story with the Irish accents in the dialogue and the Australian or Aussy coming out in Daniel's slant. The descriptive elements are resourceful. I must say, It was totally delightful. Regretfully, I wanted more from this author. It was just a little too short but a great romantic fantasy. The dialogue was expressive and interesting. The characters stayed in their personalities and were very strong in so short a tale. I do look forward to more of this author's work. I give her Five Stars for a wonderful romantic tale. Li nda Hays-Gibbs

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

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