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Publisher Eternal Press
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Monday, August 19, 2013

Please pray for Egypt! The Moslem Brotherhood is burning all the churches, killing Christians and just about everything else that breathes. We need to Pray for them and beg Obama to do something and not back this genocide. We may not be able to do much but we can Pray. The Middle East is going up in flames while we paint our toenails and fluff our hair. Like Rome when Nero fiddled as is it burned. Please write articles, write congressmen, we must do something for Israel is over there too and we could be next. There must be some courage for the right thing to do but if not for morals then for the stinking oil that will stop too! There won't be any gas for your car or electricity for your hair dryer. Please pray if nothing else that the slaughter of men, women and children will stop. Please pray!

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