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Publisher Eternal Press
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Saturday, October 25, 2014

     Girls recruited online for ISIS should be prosecuted as traitors or deported. People that launch attacks should be shot and families deported!
     We need to make sure our citizens know what we stand for and if they don't appreciate what they have then they should lose it and their parents. Deport Traitors!
    If we do not tell our story about our freedoms and how we love and enjoy our country, Then we fail. Let them live the lives of a sex slave or be killed. I'm tired of moodily coddiling them. Realize the reality!
    Show and tell kids what America stands for! Tell them what is wrong and right! Preach your religion.They ban Christianity or  any other religion from being preached over there!
     Why? Because it's a better way! They are afraid of a Good and Righteous people! They are afraid of the words in the Bible or the Torah! Our beliefs have power to persuade! Use them preach them tell it online make web pages and tell about what we believe and love! Do this or lose it because this IS a war of words and beliefs!
Preach about Jesus! Preach about freedom! Be proud of the privileges you have before you lose them to Barbarians that care nothing for your feelings! Care nothing about right and wrong but are thugs hiding behind words that have no meaning when they only murder and rape !

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sometime ago I think I started Tweeting about news topics that upset me. Now I'm just horrified by what is happening and feel I need to just tell you what I see!
     From the first I was against bringing the first Ebola patient into America. I was always taught that from Ellis Island, that  people were held in quarantine until we knew they were not carrying a deadly disease. One reason for LEGAL immigration. They looked for TB and Typhoid to name two but we just let people steam across our borders now. This is a very big concern with new strains of TB popping up, even leprosy.
     This Ebola disease is relatively new and we know nothing about it. Quarantine seemed the safest way to me but we just brought it into our country like we were immune. I don't understand this. I know the missionaries needed treatment but why didn't we send help to them? Why put all the citizens of our country in harm's way?
     Next instead of centralizing treatment at one facility with our best and brightest, we send them to Nebraska and Atlanta and Dallas and etc. What's up with this? It's like scatter them out so we can get to the whole population easier to start an epidemic.
     Then we don't seal our borders? This is ridiculous! I'm sorry but what happened to a little common sense. We are talking about our lives here! Don't worry about ISIS coming this is biological warfare at it's best! Our enemies couldn't ask for a better scenario. Excuse me but where are our officials? Obama plays golf while the world burns so I'll forget him. What about our Surgeon General? Oh yes, we don't have one. Our healthcare system has gone through the worst overhaul in two centuries. Doctors quit! Hospitals closed. Now we have no one overseeing our healthcare because that is what a Surgeon General does for us, but we have none. This is either a conspiracy or the worst idiotic thing that could kill us ever!
     Someone is definitely against us because this was not well done. We have children dying with the new virus that restricts breathing and acts like polio! What? Yes! Still we have no help with this Ebola threatening to infect more and more while Obama says "Nothing!" That is scary! If you aren't scared then you are stupid.
     As an added problem ISIS is winning. These people are getting mechanized and strong financially and with each win. We gave up everything that we sacrificed our children to gain. He let prisoners of war go free to fight with ISIS. When we have lost so much will you like losing your country to these people. They are a serious threat!
     First our economy was assaulted and I've never seen so much money go out of our coffers to everybody! Ridiculous.
     Our borders should be sealed from Mexico as well as West Africa. These problems are serious people. This all is not coincidental. Something is wrong here!
   Back to Ebola, we need this stopped first then we need to get rid of a government that doesn't care about us! Enough!!We pay them and they get raises all the time but we are not protected!
Enough! Call everybody you know and tell them Enough! We must start now!
Love is a blood virus deep in the reddest part of the hemoglobin that filters out the cancerous component of hate and invigorates the heart

Friday, October 10, 2014

Title:  Captured by the Pirate Laird ( Book one Highland Force Series)
Author: Amy Jarecki
Genre: Historical Fiction Romance
Review Rating: Five Stars
Reviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs
Exciting Romantic Adventure 1559
    We open with a poor maiden being sold into marriage slavery to a fat old Baron. Lady Anne is only nineteen and married by proxy to Baron Wharton, fifty-eight. She has no say in the marriage arranged by her mother the Countess of Southampton and her uncle the Earl. She leaves her home and all she knows, to go on a ship to her new husband, alone. Her new husband is too tight to hire a chaperone. She is feeling quite betrayed and miserable on the Flying Swan heading toward her doom. She thinks things can't get worse when cannons fire and her bedroom door is blasted aside and a terribly handsome Scottish pirate finds her.
     It just gets started here and you go on a magic adventure through Scotland and onto an island called Raasay with the handsome Scot, Laird Calum MacLeod.
   With Anne's proxy marriage keeping these two apart even besides the sparks flying everywhere, it gets awfully hot in the chilly Highlands anyway.
    Calum was not expecting to have a beautiful prisoner to ransom. He soon found that his heart needed to be ransomed too.
     Calum's sweet caring sister, Mara and her loving husband John are great characters too and give the story more body. They help the hero and heroine a lot.
     Anne finds her courage and Calum his heart. They are a perfect match but alas she is already married.
    I will not give away all the spoilers but I say I laughed and cried. It kept me intrigued. I just loved it.
    I did have a few points I must mention but they in no way diminished my pleasure in this book.
    There were some typos and omitted words. There was also something I'd like to mention of historical value that might help Miss Jarecki. I found you referred to the Kepe as Keep and you had the Scots wearing their kilts while riding horses. Trews were better for riding. The Highlands did not have horses for a long time so kilts were grand but without pants of some kind a horse could ruin you quick. Just a note for future reference.
   It was however; a wonderful book and I really...really enjoyed it. I just thought you might consider that.
Thank you so much for the pleasure of reading your novel. It was delightful.
Linda Hays-Gibbs

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Title: All A Lady Wants
Author: Connie Crow
Genre: Historical Romance
Review Rating: Five Stars
Reviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs
     Lady Sarah Evanston was living with Aunt Hortense, the Countess of Breckenridge in her townhouse in London, England. Sarah comes into her money soon and she plans to move out to her country estate.
     Lade Sarah is in love with Lord Reggie Guilworth, who is in line to be the Fifth Duke of Guilworth. The poor girl recently lost both her parents and it's imperative she choose a husband this season.
    Lord Reggie was interested in Sarah but was working for the government and under the spell of a courtesan. He finally realizes that he was not the love of the courtesan's life. In fact she was busy with several paramours.
     Reggie knows that Sarah loves him but he is afraid to put her in danger as he is in service with the government.
    Sarah decides she must select a man this season or be a spinster.
     She is pursued by several men but one Lord Marten has made his intentions known.  Sarah comes into her own money and estate and wants to live in the country alone with her aunt. All her fiends seem against this. Sarah is determined and moves to her estate and plans her own ball.
    There are French spies, intrigue, murders, and love interests galore. It is a very interesting time they have in the country.
     Reggie can't seem to get the nerve up to tell Sarah how he feels, that he realizes he loves her.  The Frenchman makes Reggie jealous and Lord Marten lets it be known his intentions to ask for Sarah.
     Sarah has almost given up on a husband that she will love and who will love her. She will marry so she isn't a spinster. Lord Marten is the one she decides to accept though she still loves Reggie.
    French aristocrats must meet in emergency to find out who the traitor in their mist is? The house is guarded but spies still get through. Reggie is trying to keep Sarah safe.
It is an exciting adventure. I give it Five Stars for content and Characters. Jamison the butler, the cousins, Emile Drew, Janette and staff are all so interesting and fleshed. It felt more like a large family. They all cared about each other. I enjoyed this interesting romantic adventure.
Linda Hays-Gibbs