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Publisher Eternal Press
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Saturday, October 25, 2014

     Girls recruited online for ISIS should be prosecuted as traitors or deported. People that launch attacks should be shot and families deported!
     We need to make sure our citizens know what we stand for and if they don't appreciate what they have then they should lose it and their parents. Deport Traitors!
    If we do not tell our story about our freedoms and how we love and enjoy our country, Then we fail. Let them live the lives of a sex slave or be killed. I'm tired of moodily coddiling them. Realize the reality!
    Show and tell kids what America stands for! Tell them what is wrong and right! Preach your religion.They ban Christianity or  any other religion from being preached over there!
     Why? Because it's a better way! They are afraid of a Good and Righteous people! They are afraid of the words in the Bible or the Torah! Our beliefs have power to persuade! Use them preach them tell it online make web pages and tell about what we believe and love! Do this or lose it because this IS a war of words and beliefs!
Preach about Jesus! Preach about freedom! Be proud of the privileges you have before you lose them to Barbarians that care nothing for your feelings! Care nothing about right and wrong but are thugs hiding behind words that have no meaning when they only murder and rape !

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