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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Oh My! By Linda Hays-Gibbs Oh My! Did you take a picture of a mountain top and post it in the clouds for me God? Or the profile of God planted in a tree? We see God in places we seldom see! Angels wings puffed out on the horizon, A smell so sweet it had to come from heaven. A sunset with blue and pink rainbows of color. A dawn that breaks golden glitter like no other. Did you whisper in the night a dream so breathtaking and sublime? To give me a glimpse of what you have in store in time. Oh hallowed halls of suspense and holiness. Where the hairs on my arm stand on end in the presence of your sustenance, As my heart races and gathers in my throat To allow me to sense, feel and your providence to note. I adore you and now in reverence bow to, My God and your infallible divinity and brilliance. I beg with tears to hold to allow Let me perceive, acknowledge, conceive, an entity, so grand, so honorable, lovable, exquisite, unattainable, that I perish in awesome wonder. When a speck I glimpse of your immutable existence and I humbly approach your world, your word, your will, In abject terror of your ire, my heart feels the awe, the chill in reverence, For my God is a roaring fire, a genius, a painter, a scientist, benevolence, an inventor, an author of all that was, is, and shall be, because he is a rock that I can stand on to see, That will not be moved, a creative heart of love, That does all he can do, for my soul and mind, So when I chance to look on what is above, what do I find? The truth, the Pascal lamb! I know the great I Am because for one moment, I am here to see in certainty His love!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Title: The Knowledge of Good and Evil Author: Micah Persell Review Rating: Four Stars Reviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs Recently the Garden of Eden is discovered and beside it the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The people that discovered it are asked to eat the fruit of the trees. Jericho is an immortal because he ate of the fruit of The Tree of Life and Knowledge of Good and evil. He can tell by touch if someone is good or evil and he can't be killed. He lives with the others like himself in a lab where he is experimented on. His friend and boss is Erin and he sends Jericho after a killer. Dahlia is the killer and an immortal too. She escapes and wrecks everything to get out. Jericho follows to bring her back but in the process he is told by an anonymous voice that "She is the one." His other mate died years ago and he thought he would be alone forever since he couldn't die. Now his life has new meaning but when he touches Dahlia he is told she is evil. He is devastated but continues on his mission to bring his new mate back to the compound and her jail. She out maneuvers him at every turn and the pain of not acknowledging their attraction weighs heavy on both of them. He is about to go crazy with wanting her when he discovers her secret. He is amazed. I will not give you all the spoilers but tell you Dahlia has a good reason for running. I give this action packed sexually charged story a definite thumbs up and rate it with Four Stars. I would have given it Five, but it just ended too abruptly. I wanted more and I believe there is more. The author has a series going but make every story end without being so cliff dropping. I was left gasping for breath and searching for more pages. It's a great story though, and I'm glad I took the read. I can't wait to hear more.
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

New books out on Amazon "Faith" and "Morovani" The Guardian Angel Sculptured by God RT

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tell someone you care Read this first Leanna Harrow For my friend Scott Bodman...Society in general can be extremely cruel and uncaring... I'm posting this because I know people have been mocked, laughed at and called liars at for illnesses beyond their control...I have more than one of these illnesses as do some of my friends.... I know for a fact that some of my Facebook friends will copy, paste and share to show their support! If you will be there for me no matter how I feel, how I look or how I act...then copy and paste this in your status and ask others to do the same. I'm doing this to prove a friend wrong as they have lost hope that someone is always listening. I'm listening and I care. It's hard to explain to someone who has not suffered as we suffer, everyday of our lives. It's even harder when there is no treatment or the treatment that Big Pharama shoves down our throats has worse side effects than the illness itself. It's a daily struggle being in pain or feeling sick on the inside while you look fine on the outside. It destroys ever aspect of your life. You become someone you don't even know. It robs you of life, love and family. It makes you wish you were never born. Smiling through the tears is sometimes the only thing we can do. Please put this as your status for at least 1 hour if you or someone you know has one of the invisible illnesses too lengthy to list... (IBS, Crohn's, PTSD, Anxiety, Arthritis, Cancer, Heart Disease, Bipolar, Depression, Diabetes, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Friedrichs's Ataxia (FA) MS, AS, ME, MG, Epilepsy, Autism, Borderline personality disorder, M.D.,D.D., Chiari Malformation, EDS, IH, IIH, PTSD, to show your support. I am posting this to support myself and my friends who struggle with these silent illnesses, every day. I love and feel for, you all. Barb Winkes mentioned you in a post in Priceless Promotions-Invite Your Artistic Friends-Promote What You Want Barb Winkes 9:48am Jul 11 This week's Wednesday Women are characters created by fellow Eternal Press author Linda Drue Hays-Gibbs--and as usual, they come with an #ebook #giveaway! Word Affair: Wednesday Women: Lady Elizabeth Prudence White & Rachael Asbury barbarawinkes.blogspo Try regency romance with paranormal twists like pages five star reviews plz RT Also 1/2 off Ebola at Coffee Time Romance through July And I have one freebie tomorrow Introducing a New Novel When Angels Fell

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Book award

I won Book Boost Cover Contest! my book "Angel in My Heart Devil in My Soul" I want to thank everyone who voted for me. I Won!!! I'm so excited. I'm crying love you all.