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Sunday, October 25, 2015

For Halloween

It Slithered
By Linda Hays-Gibbs

Darkness caressed it. I heard it before
I saw a piece of it, a bit?
Black & shinny
But so, so cold
It froze the air
my thoughts said it Exquisitely tiny but
It was unafraid, bold
To come so near Suddenly
Panicking in fear
My heart tearing up my chest
I ripped open my vest
To breathe to swallow
As I heard it's cackles
Raising hackles
On my arms such were it's sucking slithering charms
Turning to dash away
I tripped,
Had to face it
Eye to eye...
It grinned an unholy lopsided way with one red bulbous retina a still darker patina than I thought possible and grew cool, stronger I soon felt the pull,
I couldn't breathe
Staring into my face I can taste Hell's darkest secrets
My leg muscles race
But I'm still, so still no breathing or heartbeats
I'm dead!
Right there on the floor!
Gone dissolved, no more,
In my terrified head
Heavy as lead instead
I knew
as it slid from side to side with a sulfuric stench,
I retched
& gagged, resolved in my comatose fed brain what Was mirrored, sucking clinched to my eye when I flenched as it pinched my nose
I continuing to lie
It sucked, fed
Wiggled, munched, withered, crunched then slithered down to my toes
I knew without a doubt I was sucked dry for it was in truth a Devil's eye feeding withering searching in cold pursuit through the eire night of Halloween olde for sight of anyone's ashamed& unclaimed unholy weary soul

Monday, September 28, 2015

"Nowhere to Run"
By Linda Hays-Gibbs
They run to us for help
They are out of their depth
Lost jobs, lost homes, lost safety and no food to eat
Nowhere to hide, all is nasty and bloody feet
From miles of walking to you
Now, Don't know What to do
Friends are enemies Unkind faces are all he sees
Broken all ties
cause of all the lies
Only thing left to lose
Are your lives
Protect your babies your old and infirm
Oh God, we've nowhere to turn
Is there anywhere a Christian haven
Some place of peace would be heaven
Who started it all
We just don't care
When it started to fall
We did all we could dare
Now we must
Get away from here
But where to go
Tell me is there no
Compassion or kindness left to find
Or has it all been left behind
Pope says that love is the answer
I need the question
Just please be my brother
I will be your best one
If you save my children
I will be your closest kindred son

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

People are going off on the poor clerk in Kentucky for refusing to issue the marriage license to same sex couples.
     Where & what are the religious beliefs of this country?atheist, Mormon, agnostic, Jewish, Buddist, Hindu, Muslim, Christian
Well they were in the Bible! & Christian! You can't change the Bible without calling a curse on you as the last verse of the Bible states.
     Those Christian beliefs were believed by the very men that wrote the Constitution. The very Christian men that said everyone has the right to happiness. I do not believe for one minute that those same men thought we would be having this problem.
Judeo-Christian beliefs started this country! The laws were written with the Bible in mind. Remember?
    The clerks rights would be protected if the law wasn't changed to go against God's law!!!!
     The Supreme Court is wrong to go against what so many hold sacred. But how do you reconcile this? Where are all the cowardly Christians? Why would anyone want to call down a curse on this country and go against God's laws? Why are we fighting this? Is there any love going out to the Christian that stood up for her beliefs? Lots of love going to same sex couples.
     Why did God say it was wrong for a man to marry a man? If we don't go by God's laws is it still wrong to commit murder or steal? What is the purpose of justice and redemption and love? These are big issues and I don't think the Supreme Court has enough authority to question God.
     Just a thought but what happens if God decides to destroy us like Sodom and Gomorrah? Who you going to call, the Supreme Court? What if you die an atheist but God is real and you have to go to Hell and I don't tell you that you were wrong? What happens to me? As a Christian that didn't tell you that you was wrong, I'll be right beside you.
     So I want to know where are the Christians when one little woman needs help for standing up for what you all said you believe? Why are you still hiding, don't you believe in what the Bible says or do you want to rewrite the Bible and have the curse on you?
   Personally I want our laws to be Biblical laws but if people don't believe in God and want to live outside of that law then they are condemning only their souls as long as it's not law but when it became law it condemned us all including the Supreme Court.
     I really don't want to change the Bible. Of course you got preachers that stand for no Bible, nothing but peace and joy. I'm really worried about them and their flocks. Going to be Hell to pay.

Friday, September 4, 2015

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Best Selling Author does it again a Sweet Regency Story

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

     I thought we had come a long way in our race relations. People respected each other and cared for each other. I saw more love and friendships more mixed marriages and acceptance of children of these unions.
     I remember the dark days and the changes. I saw people holding hands when they crossed that bridge in Selma with white hands as well as black. I felt the outrage when children were killed in a black church in Birmingham.
I lived it! I saw it all ! I witnessed it.
     So why are people hating again? We elected a black President! Black and white together elected this black man. We cheered at this brave new world. Now we have new hatreds being stirred up. I've seen more people finding knits and picks to gripe about than ever before. Are we going backwards because of this?
     What one deranged young boy did was horrible but that doesn't mean that we all feel that way. History is dead! Leave it buried. All we can do is learn from History. I'm sure that all German people didn't hate Hitler but most did! We can't condemn all German people forever because of Hitler. We can't condemn the French because of Napoleon.
    It's starting to really get ugly in some areas and I question it. I question what Abraham Lincoln would think of all this after nearly 150 years? Of digging up Confederate soldiers or hating a symbolic flag that meant many things to many different people? I wonder if he would condone new hate, new hatreds or if it would make him sick to his stomach like it makes me. I know what Rev. Martin Luther King would say,

     Make peace! Love each other and stop bringing up the past. We don't need to look back! We need to look forward and care about each other and our great country before we lose it. Forget the past pain. Digging it up is like digging up old wounds and causing new infections. We got past that and we need to go on to a higher level.

Monday, June 29, 2015

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Kick a Dirt Clod
By Linda Hays-Gibbs

The day was sunny and hot as people danced and ran around excitedly
I knew the very fly, that rot, that buzzed around my head delightedly
I kept my mouth tightly closed though, in silent confused awe
I didn't really think it would happen, no not at all
So all my best kept words were still tightly sealed
In a giant pickle jar under a hill, that my thoughts had filled, so lazily
I limped off behind the juniper tree to find my voice...
But I knew right then I didn't really have much of a choice
And as my tears finally silently slid
I knew I was no longer a silly kid
And all my prayers would go no higher, but not
Because I didn't call him a liar
And the fear in my gut just would not stray
As I saw God kick a dirt clod and turn away

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Title:The Twilight Laird
Author: Rhoda Clarkson
Genre: Historical Romance
Review Rating: Five Stars
Reviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs

     This is a lovely story with  in depth characters and twisting plot. Exciting and warm dialogue with some humor and full fleshed characters are running over between the covers. This author is a talented story teller.
     Miss Mariah Lawrence is a wealthy woman that feels she has everything she could ever hope for except one thing. She doesn't know how to find this ultimate happiness after all she has beauty, heath and money and the most perfect of fianc茅es. There is just some reason she postpones her wedding over and over again. She can't figure out what the problem could be.
     Then she meets Dr. James MacGregor. He is the most frustrating, rude, antagonistic, uncouth, irrational,egotistical, insulting man she has ever met. Then why did she find him so intriguing? Why did she want to see him?
     James MacGregor instantly dislikes this English invader of his ancestral home. She thinks she knows what his people like better than he and presumes too much. His family owned the castle for centuries but his father gambled it away to Mariah's father, then killed himself. It wasn't fair. He lost his father because of her father.  It was his home. She was just visiting and making promises to his people that she would never keep. He resented she owned his castle and lands and he resented that he wanted her from the first moment he laid eyes on her.
  Mariah lost her parents and is visiting her cousin Irene, Aunt Harriet and Uncle George at her property, Glasdun Castle. Her Uncle has supervised this estate for her for 15 years but she needed to check on the people of her estate. She was disappointed in her Uncle's methods when she found her tenants in great distress. She went to work trying to relieve their problems. Her heart was always willing to help the unfortunate.
    All her relatives could suggest was she should marry Edward, her betrothed quickly before he is snatched away. They were right but she just couldn't. She needed more time.
    Things progress with Mariah as she learns how deeply others have suffered because of her Uncle. The plot takes you through the lives of not only Mariah but the crofters and farmers on her land and the MacGregors..
     Dr MacGregor informs her of many disturbing things for which her family is responsible. She doesn't believe him but her eyes tell her there is some truth in his words.
     The problem is that Mariah and James should be enemies but her heart isn't cooperating.
     This is a page turner and a lovely romance with many twists and turns. I have it Five Stars.
    I enjoyed reading this lovely romantic story.
Linda Hays-Gibbs

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day is serious business! Pause&remember their sacrifices for you&prayUare worthyOur sons&daughters&moms&dads

Monday, May 11, 2015

Linda Hays-Gibbs is a PNH Cover winner 2012 for My Angel My Light as Darkness Falls on Goodreads. She Listed top  of P &E Polls for all her Eternal Press books & She 'a a Winner of Book Boost award 2013 for Angel in My Heart, Devil in My Soul #MARSocial's #Author of Year #Finalist "Angel in My Heart Devil" in My Soul" by #Amazon #NYTimes: She has 23 published works at Amazon and her latest release with Eternal Press, Frost Flower is off to a great start .

Thursday, May 7, 2015

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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It's about Frost Flower

Monday, May 4, 2015

5.0 out of 5 stars Creative and Beautiful Plotting and Writing!,March 29, 2015
This review is from: Frost Flower (Kindle Edition)
I have come to love the gentle and beautiful stories that have evolved from the pen of Ms. Linda Hays-Gibbs and FROST FLOWER, the first book of her Frost Flower series promises to be as beautifully rendered as all of her other beautiful novels.

This is the story of Lady Lina, the daughter of a Duke who thought his baby girl was perfection, however everything she did, how she looked, walked and talked must be perfect as well or she would be severely and horribly punished by her father. Because of how she had been trained from birth to act, she was isolated; shunned by her peers; and labeled an “Ice Princess”.

Unfortunately, Lady Lina doesn't trust men, having been mistreated her entire life by the people who should have loved her – her parents. She decided it was because of all her flaws as she couldn’t speak without stuttering (so she didn’t speak in public); and didn’t smile because she thought her one crooked tooth was horrible.

Lord Baltimore took one look at Lady Lina’s ethereal beauty and fell in love, but soon after because of the rumors of Lady Lina’s arrogance, he was led to believe they were true. After all could the beautiful Lady Lina see in him, after stumbling in their waltz and knowing that at any time he could lose his leg.

What follows is a superb story of two very broken individuals who began a slow road to friendship and understanding, almost to the point of a long awaited marriage proposal. But as always the road to happiness almost never runs smooth and a traitorous act of kidnapping and a loss of memory could very possibly destroy both their chances at a happily-ever-after ending.

Bottom Line: Creative, emotional, and brilliant writing are just some of the things one can look forward to with Ms. Hays-Gibbs FROST FLOWER. And as the first book in her new series I can only hope she continues along this same vein for a long time to come.

Marilyn Rondeau
Creative, Emotional & BRILLIANT

Monday, April 13, 2015

Make an escape into a different time! Regency Romance The best heroes

Saturday, April 4, 2015

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"She is an ice princess.There is no blood in her veins.""She is a goddess. Introduce me."

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mar 14, 2015

Review: Frost Flower

Today I am reviewing the latest sweetheart of a romance from Linda Hays-Gibbs.  This lovely writer writes sweetheart romances set in the Regency era with fair damsels and manly heroes.  If you haven't had the pleasure of reading any of her books in the past, you'll definitely want to give her a try.  I find her books to be sweet and cleansing to the palette.  

Frost Flower

Lord Baltimore believes Lady Lina cannot love him if he is not a whole man. He could lose his leg any day, as it will not heal. She didn't like it when he stumbled in the waltz, much less if he cannot waltz at all.

Lina doesn’t believe she can love any man. They are all brutes that hurt her, besides her flaws are so horrible. She cannot speak without stuttering and her teeth are horrible when she smiles. Lord Baltimore deserves a beautiful countess for his Earldom.

They are both broken in different ways and must find the love to heal their hearts and bodies.

My Review:

Frost Flower is a tender, heart-string tugging tale of two people meant to be together.  Lady Crystallina seems almost too good to be true.  Not only is she the daughter of a duke and an heiress in her own right, but she is the most beautiful woman to ever grace society's polished ballroom floors.  Yet, as we all know, looks can too often be deceiving.  Beneath the delicate beauty Lina hides years of systematic abuse and neglect from her parents.  She is terrified of being out in society and easily bruised by their cruel and callous words.  She would flee and hide herself forever in the country if not for a pushy and hateful companion and a rather persistent suitor.

Robert, Earl of Baltimore is no stranger to pain.  After being held as a prisoner of war and tortured into near madness, most days it is all he can do to walk without a limp.  Although he knows his duty, he had no intention of courting for a wife...until he spies the magnificent Crystalline across a crowded ballroom.  He knows her reputation for being cold and haughty, yet despite this he finds he simply must dance with her, only to find the rumors true.  When he shares his opinion with a group of friends in her hearing, he cannot bear knowing he hurt her and begins to court her in earnest.  Loving the shy, sweet Lina is no hardship.  He falls...and he falls hard.

Although Lina had never intended to marry, she finds herself charmed and enchanted by Robert.  He is kind and generous where her family only showed her cruelty and disdain.  She begins to feel beautiful in her own right under his loving tutelage.  His courtship is tender and loving.  No one has ever made her feel so important and beloved.  Sadly, a woman possessing such beauty and wealth engenders more enemies than friendships.  An enemy will crawl out of the woodwork, determined to get her vengeance on the delicate lady and tear her from the arms of her beloved forever.  Robert will have to fight for her against all odds.  Pride, sanity, health - these obstacles are nothing in the face of true love.

This is a very sweet love story.  The focus is largely on the main characters, although a few friends become very much in the spotlight as the tale unfolds.  Lina is a sweet girl, without a vain bone in her body and with too much self-doubt at times.  You have to love Robert for his devotion and dedication of nothing else.  When most men would run off in the face of such odds, he never gives up on his Lina.  This story is completely clean, as well, so you should feel comfortable for you teens to nibble on this story, as well.  If you like the heat rating extra high in your books, this sweetheart of a tale probably isn't something you want to pick up.  If, however, you want a sweet confection of a love story reminiscent of fated lovers meant to be together against all odds, you'll love this book.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Regency Tale BestSelling author Linda Hays-Gibbs
Lina is a quiet beauty, shy, rich&enchanting.

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Title: The Royal Wizard
Author: Alianne Donnelly
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Review Rating: Five Stars
Reviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs

Fantastical Flight of Fancy
     Nia is full of magic and trained to be a Royal Wizard by Nico. The old Wizard trains her carefully, so she can take his place beside the King of  Wilderheim. She is gifted with magic but her true worth is her wisdom and goodness. The King is a handsome brave young man named Saeran. He is immediately struck by her beauty. She feels a similar pull toward the new King too.
     They are a peculiar and magical pair to say the least. The problem is that the Royal Wizard is supposed to protect the King and the kingdom not get romantically evolved with the King.
    Nia is frantic because Nico her teacher abandons her right after she is introduced to the King. She has no one to get advice from but she asks the wind and the earth and Others to help her. It is not the same as having Nico though and she is determined to be the best Royal Wizard she can be even if she is young and unsure.
     Matters become worse when the King must honor a pledge to marry a woman from another kingdom so Nia decides she must leave. It was not a good idea.
   If you love magic and fantasy plus a true romance. You will adore this book forever. I was swept away by the tides of it and caught up into the dream. It was engrossing and I highly recommend it. The characters have so many problems but they work hard through their struggles. The minor characters are so interesting and helpful too. A wolf that dies or a pendant from a God with an evil personality can alter the story in strange and magical ways.
    I was totally enchanted. Thank you so much for the read. I gave this wonderful fantasy five stars! It's plot was so very different and interesting. I will not give it away with spoilers. I can only say it was a page turner. I can not wait for the sequel.
Linda Hays-Gibbs

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

     What kind of crazy world are we living in? I mean the beheadings of men, women, and children. Then burying them alive and now let's burn a man in a cage? These guys are insane and if they think they are going to some sweet heaven with virgins&sex when their time is over for doing these horrific deeds I wish I could see their faces when God shakes his head no and sends them to the firey pits of hell to burn for eternity! It's a shame that they will not have paradise but Eternal torment for doing these things are Wrong and in any delusional text you have or word you study, you are Wrong.
     God does not want people slaughtered! He wants people to love Him. You are not to pray five times a day but without ceasing continually in your heart and mind. You must have love in your hearts too and all you have is hate. This is the AntiChrist spirit ! This is the pure devil! I am so ashamed of you and for you and I pray for your souls because believe it or not I don't want anyone to go to hell.
   Now also on this horrible day of killings we have another problem. I'm this totally PC America where we are not to say bad words, or threaten others, or profile, or deny privileges for people to marry whoever they want and not be prejudiced against Arabs or Muslim , in this country University in UTDavis California are shouting  "Alah Akbar" the same chant when a young man's head is cut off or he's roasted alive  and throwing Jewish kids out shouting them out being cruel to them because they are Jews! Hello ? HELLO ! I'm sick of them having it their way with the left leftish commie criminal element but really ? Are you serious ? We should all be up in arms about this ! This is worse than the.  "N " word.  Jews were systematically slaughtered by Hitlerites just like this ISIS crew and they shout the same words.
   We must stand up for everyone's rights or we all have none! We all have the right to freedom of speech but not in hating a person because of their religion whether Muslim or Jewish ! This needs to be stopped ! This University should be held up as an example of defending no ones rights if they don't defend ALL! Shame on them ALL
     We are at war with a cancer that must be cut out. If we let it sprout up here we will be fighting it on our front awns. These people do not understand or appreciate our freedoms in fact they use them against us. They should be deported for fostering hate crimes. They should leave the USA  if they don't love it! We don't need them here. We need to fight them there in ME not on our doorstep because of stupid Universities that give them entrance to our privileges and they use them to attack us in our own country .

Monday, January 19, 2015

Ross had some requests for his info so I am posting his info and
email so you can tell him what you think.
Ross S. Simon, author of THE SNOW, Eternal Press, 2012, 
and RED DAHLIA, Damnation Books, 2013
Write to him at this email 

Friday, January 16, 2015

I have a treat for my followers! A fellow author of mine has a story to tell us . I'm sure you will enjoy it. 
Here's the short I wrote, as you requested, Linda.
I hope you and the visitors to your blog enjoy it.
It's wild and wicked stuff, if I may say so.
Tourist Attraction
Kristin Imogene Dirings was not the luckiest of women. More days than others she had come very close to having something extremely fortunate happen to her, without it actually happening. But she was nonetheless contented with her home careers—taxpayer, home-tender, errand-runner, and such things—as well as her real career, which was as a professor of Latin-American History at UMW; the University of Minnesota at Winona.
Her students didn’t always listen to her; it seemed, in fact, as though they never paid attention at all. And still, despite this, they got quite good grades. Kristin couldn’t figure out why this was. But she was grateful, indeed, that this teaching career was at least easier than her previous one, teaching grade school. Anything could've been easier than that.
And she knew it. Her life was going well now, and in fact it would get better in the near future, or so she hoped. In truth, one morning she was speaking to her supervisor in the History department, Harvey Roccaforte, in the faculty lounge over Styrofoam cups of semi-flat 7up, about a thing that she felt would bring more fancy to her life.
“I’d like to find out as much as I don’t already know about him, Harv,” she was saying. “I was told about him years ago by my parents, but I wasn't told much, for sure.”
Who was this?” he said, sipping his 7up, which tasted slightly of chlorine.
“Thomas Samuel Dirings!” said Kristin in frustration. “My great-grandfather! He was a great cowboy and ranchman in his time —he had moved to Venezuela to pursue a cattle-tending career. ‘El Gaucho Gringo,’ the people there had called him. He did a lot for them. But that’s all I know!”
“Oh well…” said Harvey. “Don’t know if I can help you, Kris. To find out about this grandfather of yours, you'd have to fly toVenezuela. But where in it, I have no idea. And that puts you at a loss.”
She sighed. “Yeah…I suppose you’re right, Harv.”
“Well, anyway, it’'s time now to get back to class. The brunch break is just finishing up.”
Once back in her classroom, Kristin was giving a lengthy lecture on South American Indian tribes. She scribbled a word on the chalkboard for the class to see.
“Bororo,” she pronounced. “Owing to a Brazilian warrior tribe; these fierce hunters resisted the Portuguese slave movement largely. However, some did align themselves to the Europeans, be-coming, because of their realization of the Caucasians’ totalitarian force, ‘brave towards other heathens but humble with the whites.’ In the words of an anonymous tribe.”
One female student raised her hand. “Ms. Dirings, I have a question. If the Bororo were so…well, brave with their fellow tribes, then…how could they not stand up to the Portuguese and tell them to get their white asses off their land?” The class laughed a bit.
“Emily, that is not at all a fair question. As was everything else about the Westerners to the Indians alien, so were their ways of combat. They used gunpowder and bullets, mind you, not just spears and poisonous darts, like—”
She looked to the door. It was Harvey, bearing a small, Xer-oxed brochure with some kind of typed lettering on the open page. “The UMW director asked me to give this to you.”
Without speaking, she walked over to him. Taking the brochure, she read the page’s blurry type; it was in Spanish. But, knowing the language, she understood it perfectly.
It said, Come and see the authentically preserved historical village of Monte San Jorge, a throwback to old early-20th-Century Venezuelan life. And home to the ”Gaucho Gringo” himself, the North-American Thomas Samuel Dirings, greatest cowboy to ever make his name outside his homeland!
Kris’s face—needless to say—lit up with delight. This was it; this was just what she’d been hoping to find out about! It was a chance to find out the facts on her dear old great-granddad. “So,” she said to Harvey, “…when can I go?”
“The director said that in about a month, you may have a week’s leave to go to Venezuela and learn what you want to on your grandfather.”
“Of course. He lived and died longer ago than that.”
“Right. Anyway, right now I’ve got a class to tend to. Could you excuse me?”
And she got right back on that class. But while teaching the rest of that period, she secretly felt tingles of excitement and anticipation. As she would for the next three weeks, during which time she would make hotel reservations in Venezuela, and reserve plane tickets on Air of the Americas to fly there come her leave. Also she would—albeit very occasionally—ask to leave early to prepare, with Harvey’s permission. But this was rare.
Finally, the big day arrived. She was all ready to fly away to that South American heartland of her great-granddad’s, and at the Minneapolis International Airport, she was seen off by Harvey, Emily, and even the director himself. At the terminal for her flight to Caracas, Venezuela—Flight 717—she was about to go through the sky-way to board the plane, when Harvey called for her to hear something he had to say.
“I spoke with one of the people from that village—Monte San Jorge,” said Harvey, “and he said, quote, ‘We have remembered him for so long, it’s as though he were still with us today!’…Whatever that means.”
This puzzled Kristin a bit. “‘Bye, guys.”
On board the plane, she didn't say or do much at all, except maybe for a crossword puzzle, listening to Bill Cosby's “Froofie the Dog” routine, or reading the instructions for survival in case the captain announced everybody was going to die; those sorts of things. At one point, however, she recognized the cut of the clothes the man sit-ting next to her was wearing, and realized he could only have been Venezuelan. Obviously, she assumed, he was returning to his homeland from North America.
She struck up a conversation with this man. “So what's Venezuela truly like?” she asked at one point.
“Ooh, very bella.Lot o’ nice people. ‘Cept for the drug lords,claro.” He chuckled. “But overall, wonderful.”
“I was anticipating such.”
Si. By ‘a way, me name Pabl没s. Say…you goin’ to Monte San Jorge? Home a’ ‘Gaucho Gringo’ Direengs?”
“Dirings, yes…How’d you figure that out?”
“Oh, jus’ guessfortunatemente. Y’know, people enmi nati贸n ‘ave remembeared him f’so long, ‘s as though he were still with us today.”
Kristin was surprised, confused. Maybe something was going on, here.
“Well, I’ll certainly enjoy it.”
“You will, se帽ora.You will.”
The rest of the flight was so-so. Nothing much bad happened. The movie they showed was something of a misfire, however, and when the in-flight meal was served, Kristin took one look at the food and was immediately given a desperate desire to slash her own jugular vein with the plastic knife she was given. It was nothing very rash, however, because she could tell from the looks on the faces of other passengers that they felt the same way too.
Upon getting off the plane in Caracas, Kris looked around for someone who was supposed to pick her up. She knew the director of UMW would've arranged for a ride to the hotel in Monte San Jorge, but where was…?
Ah. Probably that gentleman in combat garb—beret, tank shirt, khaki pants, boots—with the sign that proclaimed:
She greeted him, and they boarded a Jeep with cream-and-brown camouflage paint, and set out on a winding road leading from the city. “So,” said the driver, “este ‘direct贸r’ tells me you lookin’ to see your great-grandfather's history, a’ Monte San.”
“That's right. In fact, now that you mention it, I could even get material for a book here.”
Probablemente. ‘S like, we've remembeared him for so long, ‘s as though ‘e were still with us today.”
Kristin was hesitant. “…I know. That’s what everybody seems to say.”
The rest of the way they didn't talk at all.   Kris wanted it that way; she felt that talking while riding would make the way there seem like it lasted forever. And she didn’t want to waste even a second getting to the place she had her dreams set on—Monte San Jorge.
Finally, she arrived. Looking at the town when she got out of the Jeep, she fell in love with its exotic peoples walking around, its lush surrounding trees, and its stylish colonial-Iberian architecture. And the hotel where she was bound to stay, the San Jorge Real, was at first sight spellbinding, a breathtaking majesty of classic Latin-American design.
The porter who helped her with her bags, the desk clerk who gave her the room key, and the maid who said she'd clean up her room while she was going out were all extremely polite, even though such was a damn sight more than Kris had been expecting in such a troubled South American country as Venezuela. She got a good night’s sleep, and the next morning was up and ready for the day she'd been waiting almost literally her whole life for. She went down to Monte San Jorge's Old Town, where she had heard her great-grandfather once lived.
She was going to get the facts.
Thomas Samuel Dirings had been a hero to theMontesan-jorgeanos; so much so that they dedicated a large part of Old Town to his memory. She decided to take the tour, seeing the places of his life.
From what Kristin learned on the tour, she decided she really did have a book coming on it all. The guide, a Venezuelan lady, showed her and the other tourists his home, the ranch where he worked, even the place where he, so the guide said, “mysteriously disappeared” one day, and was never seen again. This came as a sort of depressing thing to Kris, but she took notes on everything anyway.
Whatever might sell the book.
At one point the guide said, “We have remembered him for so long—”
“It's as though he were still with you today!!” snapped Kris, in the compliant Spanish. “Iknow!!!”
With that outburst, all on the tour turned their heads in surprise toward her. The silence made Kris red with embarrassment. The guide scowled.
“Madam,” said the guide, “if you are going to be rude like this, I would ask you to leave.”
Kris left, all right. What the hell, she decided. She would just find out everything she had to on her own.
The first interesting thing she noticed, to check out by herself, was a large, auditorium-style building with its doors open invitingly. The sign overhead said:
She went inside.
Walking across the building’s vast floor, she encountered, there, against the back wall, a huge, wax likeness of Thomas Samuel Dirings himself, in a glass case. He was swashed in gaucho attire, holding his lariat high, and his mouth was open in a loud yell.
Pretty corny, she thought.
Yet, pretty lifelike. Right down to the last detail, a perfect, ul-tra-realistic approximation of him. The sculptor must’ve known every-thing about exactly what he looked like—
Wait a minute. This doesn't look like wax. It looked like some other fleshy substance, preserved in fluid like—
Fleshy substance?
…Oh Christ God.
This was Thomas Samuel!!
…He’s been embalmed and positioned like a statue, and this is a dead body I’m looking at!!!
Half choking, Kristin repulsed away from this twisted discovery. Only then, out of the corner of her eye, did she notice another glass box, empty, right next to the one the statue was in.
Oh no.
Oh no…no.
Suddenly, she realized a whole group ofMontesanjorgea帽os had materialized around her, including Pabl没s from the plane, the Jeep driver, and the tour guide. The driver and the guide each held a jar of embalming fluid, and Pabl没s held a hypodermic needle with some green fluid in it.
“We told you he was still with us,” said Pabl没s gently. “And, oh—are we ever gladyou came here.”
Kristin Imogene Dirings let out a scream.
Somewhere in the trees above, a brilliantly striped Amazoni-an toucan flapped its wings and took flight. 
Ross S. Simon, author of THE SNOW, Eternal Press, 2012, and RED DAHLIA, Damnation Books, 2013

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Title: Learning to Waltz
Author: Kerryn Reid
Genre: Regency Romance
Review Rating: Five Stars
Reviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs
Daring and Delicious
     Deborah Moore or Mrs. Moore is a widow with her son, Julian living in in a small cottage in abject poverty. Her world revolves around her son.
    Her son goes with her servant on an errand and  he gets lost in the dead of winter. Deborah searches for him till she is a wreck but can't find the five year old anywhere. She is desperate and runs to the Inn to beg the men to search for him. Few want to go into the horrible cold weather but some did volunteer. Evan Haverfield saw the woman's desperation and decided to help her. He was drawn by her facial expressions and desperate dignity.
     They become a local item of gossip after Evan finds the boy and helps Mrs. Moore to nurse him back to health. Evan falls more and more in love with her. He wants her but fights his attraction until he asks her to marry him. She refuses him.
   This is an absolute stunning Regency. I was caught in the first few pages and couldn't sleep till I finished it. I was positive I knew what would happen several times but that was not the case. The author weaves a delightfully suspenseful tale that kept me on the edge of my seat. You felt for the characters, all of them not just the heroine. It was such a surprise.
     I gave this book Five Stars and wanted more. I love, absolutely love Regency and thought I knew all the tales by heart but this one is different. It makes you feel so much for all the characters. I recommend it cause I know you will enjoy it as much as I did.
Linda Hays-Gibbs

Thursday, January 8, 2015

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Title:A Surfeit of Suitors
Author: Vonnie Hughes
Genre: Historical Romance.  
Review Rating: Four Stars
Reviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs
     Caroline Crichton is engaged to Toby Wainwright and discovers that she does not want to marry him. He is full of secrets and he treats her like an idiot when he is the idiot. They are to go to his country estate of Greystones and she is to get to know her in-laws. He sends word right before she is to leave that he will meet her there later.
     She has to take her sister's maid, Martha and go by herself. On the way there she is in a carriage accident and set upon by ruffians.
    Thank goodness Caroline is rescued by Fort Mathieson and his friend. Caroline finds Fort kind and brave. She noticed him before now but thought he did not admire her.
     Fort is actually very enamored by Caroline.
    I will give no spoilers but I will say this is a sweet romance.
    I thought that Caroline was a kind unassuming child that was in over her head to start but somehow musters the courage to sort out her rather complicated life. Fort was an unassuming hero type but a bit too shy. He has injuries from the war and is afraid he has nothing to offer.
    It was a nice story of the times in historical England and held to the history.
     I enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone of similar tastes. It will satisfy for a graceful read with characters solving mysteries while sorting out their lives. I gave it four stars as I really wanted more.
     It left me too quickly. Enchantingly readable though.
Linda Hays-Gibbs
#Alert #Love can find a way even in The Hidden #Heart  #Romance #growing up #life #fantasy