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Publisher Eternal Press
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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

     What kind of crazy world are we living in? I mean the beheadings of men, women, and children. Then burying them alive and now let's burn a man in a cage? These guys are insane and if they think they are going to some sweet heaven with virgins&sex when their time is over for doing these horrific deeds I wish I could see their faces when God shakes his head no and sends them to the firey pits of hell to burn for eternity! It's a shame that they will not have paradise but Eternal torment for doing these things are Wrong and in any delusional text you have or word you study, you are Wrong.
     God does not want people slaughtered! He wants people to love Him. You are not to pray five times a day but without ceasing continually in your heart and mind. You must have love in your hearts too and all you have is hate. This is the AntiChrist spirit ! This is the pure devil! I am so ashamed of you and for you and I pray for your souls because believe it or not I don't want anyone to go to hell.
   Now also on this horrible day of killings we have another problem. I'm this totally PC America where we are not to say bad words, or threaten others, or profile, or deny privileges for people to marry whoever they want and not be prejudiced against Arabs or Muslim , in this country University in UTDavis California are shouting  "Alah Akbar" the same chant when a young man's head is cut off or he's roasted alive  and throwing Jewish kids out shouting them out being cruel to them because they are Jews! Hello ? HELLO ! I'm sick of them having it their way with the left leftish commie criminal element but really ? Are you serious ? We should all be up in arms about this ! This is worse than the.  "N " word.  Jews were systematically slaughtered by Hitlerites just like this ISIS crew and they shout the same words.
   We must stand up for everyone's rights or we all have none! We all have the right to freedom of speech but not in hating a person because of their religion whether Muslim or Jewish ! This needs to be stopped ! This University should be held up as an example of defending no ones rights if they don't defend ALL! Shame on them ALL
     We are at war with a cancer that must be cut out. If we let it sprout up here we will be fighting it on our front awns. These people do not understand or appreciate our freedoms in fact they use them against us. They should be deported for fostering hate crimes. They should leave the USA  if they don't love it! We don't need them here. We need to fight them there in ME not on our doorstep because of stupid Universities that give them entrance to our privileges and they use them to attack us in our own country .

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