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Publisher Eternal Press
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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dec. 29, 2013
Title: Let Love Find You
Author: Johanna Lindsey
Genre: Historical Romance
Regency Period
Reviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs
Review Rating: Five Stars

     Lady Amanda Locke, daughter of Preston Locke the 10th Duke of Norford is in her third season on the marriage mart. She truly saw no hope her first season because of Ophelia Reid's beauty. It was clear that the men had eyes only for her. 
    It was her second season when her brother married Ophelia and they told her to have fun so that was over before she knew it.   
   Now, it was her third season and she was determined not to be an old maid. Her family was ready to help her too, even to hiring a Mr. Cupid to help find her perfect match.
     Devin Baldwin is Cupid. He runs a horse farm for his aunt and uncle and started a new farm for race horses close to London. He picked up extra money and customers making matches for the marriage minded youngsters. He knows he can never be like the young aristocrats that he joins because he is a bastard, though they don't know it. His mother sent him away to her brother's horse farm when he was eight and he vows to never let himself love another woman. He has the talent for reading people though, makes excellent matches, and grows in fame for it, thus the name, Cupid.
     When Amanda meets Devin, he is so rude to her that she takes an instant dislike for him, so when her sister-in-law Ophelia hires him for her Cupid she is livid.  Every time they talk, he insults her again. It seems there is no way that Amanda can hate him more when she realizes she needs him to teach her to ride, so she can win the man of her dreams. Amanda had a tragic accident when learning to ride as a child of eight. She has a fear of horses as a result. Her new beau is an avid horseman and would not want a woman that can't ride, so Amanda determines she will ride with Devin's help.
   This story is so sweet and interesting. I love this type of Regency romance and this one is just my cup of tea. Johanna Lindsey never let's me down and this story is no exception. You can feel the tension building each time the star crossed lovers meet. It's delightful how Amanda keeps meeting hopeful husbands with Devin's help.
     I loved all the characters from her wonderful father, Preston to Devlin's friend, William Pace, and the incomparable Ophelia.
     I had no problem giving Five Stars to Johanna's lovely story and await with my mouth watering for more of her genius.
Linda Hays-Gibbs
Author: Eternal Press
Reviewer: The Romance Reviews

Sunday, December 8, 2013

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