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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

I think my son said it better in my previous post here but I had to add my insignificant little bit. I want to thank all the wonderful men and women who have fought to keep my wonderful country free. I love them !
To All the Soldiers
By Linda Hays-Gibbs

To all the soldiers I have ever known,
You were all good and, brave to your very bone.
No better men or women ever walked this land!
You were a kind, smart, an honorable band.
I thank you for your selfless sacrifice.
Grief and  loss to your families of your best  lives.
They missed you each and every day!
I wish there had been Another way,
One where you could have been ok.
But know I'm grateful for your fights,
That gave me my freedom's rights.
That kept this country free,
For my children's children to see.
Thank you for all you gave.
Our country you did save.
God bless you for all eternity!
God bless you from sea to shinning sea!!!
I sit and think of all of our forefathers who lived by God's word and commandments, and fled to the unknown of this shore in order to try and live by that Word, and serve Him. And of all the men who sat in that room in Pennsylvania, and developed a charter to establish our way of life and freedoms to encompass that doctrine in ways that would change through time, but would still hold true to those declarations. I know this isn't the 4th of July, but everyone has to understand WHY we have Memorial Day celebrations, and just how intertwined these two aspects truly are so connected. It is those truths, God given rights, are the reasons my grandfather was at Pearl Harbor on December 7th, and my father was in Vietnam, and everyone else in this country's relatives and forefathers fought in well known wars, and some clandestine operations that the public shall never know, and paid the ultimate price in order to ensure our beliefs, and freedoms shall never fade away. Few of us have taken the oath to protect those views, values, and truths, against enemies both foreign and domestic. And it is an oath both my fellow Marines, servicemen and woman, both hold to, to this day. At any given day, and at any given moment will gladly make that sacrifice, in order to ensure our way of life. I salute my fellow U.S.Marine Corps brothers I served with, and to all of the other branches of military that go into harms way to do great violence on our behalf to protect those who wish for peace and happiness in our families and with our friends. So, let us take a moment when you watch your children play in the water while you barbecue outside, our while you ride on the boat at the lake or river, or when you look up at the starry ski at night, think about that soldier, Marine, seaman, or airmen, that sat in a foxhole, or was behind enemy lines trying to find his way home, not knowing if he was going to live or die, just take a moment and reveal in your moment of safe fortitude, because many before us have not been so lucky. As what has been said, Freedom isn't FREE, and the price has been paid for in blood and sacrifice, for us to know, live, and prosper to come, know that someone made the Ultimate sacrifice of not knowing their sons, daughters, grandchildren, or spouse, so that you may lay your head down at night in peace....

Written by my son Curtis Gibbs
For this Veterans Day

Thursday, May 23, 2013

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