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Publisher Eternal Press
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Sunday, May 26, 2013

I think my son said it better in my previous post here but I had to add my insignificant little bit. I want to thank all the wonderful men and women who have fought to keep my wonderful country free. I love them !
To All the Soldiers
By Linda Hays-Gibbs

To all the soldiers I have ever known,
You were all good and, brave to your very bone.
No better men or women ever walked this land!
You were a kind, smart, an honorable band.
I thank you for your selfless sacrifice.
Grief and  loss to your families of your best  lives.
They missed you each and every day!
I wish there had been Another way,
One where you could have been ok.
But know I'm grateful for your fights,
That gave me my freedom's rights.
That kept this country free,
For my children's children to see.
Thank you for all you gave.
Our country you did save.
God bless you for all eternity!
God bless you from sea to shinning sea!!!

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