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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Title:A Surfeit of Suitors
Author: Vonnie Hughes
Genre: Historical Romance.  
Review Rating: Four Stars
Reviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs
     Caroline Crichton is engaged to Toby Wainwright and discovers that she does not want to marry him. He is full of secrets and he treats her like an idiot when he is the idiot. They are to go to his country estate of Greystones and she is to get to know her in-laws. He sends word right before she is to leave that he will meet her there later.
     She has to take her sister's maid, Martha and go by herself. On the way there she is in a carriage accident and set upon by ruffians.
    Thank goodness Caroline is rescued by Fort Mathieson and his friend. Caroline finds Fort kind and brave. She noticed him before now but thought he did not admire her.
     Fort is actually very enamored by Caroline.
    I will give no spoilers but I will say this is a sweet romance.
    I thought that Caroline was a kind unassuming child that was in over her head to start but somehow musters the courage to sort out her rather complicated life. Fort was an unassuming hero type but a bit too shy. He has injuries from the war and is afraid he has nothing to offer.
    It was a nice story of the times in historical England and held to the history.
     I enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone of similar tastes. It will satisfy for a graceful read with characters solving mysteries while sorting out their lives. I gave it four stars as I really wanted more.
     It left me too quickly. Enchantingly readable though.
Linda Hays-Gibbs

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