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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

People are going off on the poor clerk in Kentucky for refusing to issue the marriage license to same sex couples.
     Where & what are the religious beliefs of this country?atheist, Mormon, agnostic, Jewish, Buddist, Hindu, Muslim, Christian
Well they were in the Bible! & Christian! You can't change the Bible without calling a curse on you as the last verse of the Bible states.
     Those Christian beliefs were believed by the very men that wrote the Constitution. The very Christian men that said everyone has the right to happiness. I do not believe for one minute that those same men thought we would be having this problem.
Judeo-Christian beliefs started this country! The laws were written with the Bible in mind. Remember?
    The clerks rights would be protected if the law wasn't changed to go against God's law!!!!
     The Supreme Court is wrong to go against what so many hold sacred. But how do you reconcile this? Where are all the cowardly Christians? Why would anyone want to call down a curse on this country and go against God's laws? Why are we fighting this? Is there any love going out to the Christian that stood up for her beliefs? Lots of love going to same sex couples.
     Why did God say it was wrong for a man to marry a man? If we don't go by God's laws is it still wrong to commit murder or steal? What is the purpose of justice and redemption and love? These are big issues and I don't think the Supreme Court has enough authority to question God.
     Just a thought but what happens if God decides to destroy us like Sodom and Gomorrah? Who you going to call, the Supreme Court? What if you die an atheist but God is real and you have to go to Hell and I don't tell you that you were wrong? What happens to me? As a Christian that didn't tell you that you was wrong, I'll be right beside you.
     So I want to know where are the Christians when one little woman needs help for standing up for what you all said you believe? Why are you still hiding, don't you believe in what the Bible says or do you want to rewrite the Bible and have the curse on you?
   Personally I want our laws to be Biblical laws but if people don't believe in God and want to live outside of that law then they are condemning only their souls as long as it's not law but when it became law it condemned us all including the Supreme Court.
     I really don't want to change the Bible. Of course you got preachers that stand for no Bible, nothing but peace and joy. I'm really worried about them and their flocks. Going to be Hell to pay.

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