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Saturday, November 8, 2014

   Our Veterans Day Prayers
  When we as a nation stop our vigil we are lost. We must therefore keep up the fight to right what is wrong to rescue the hopeless and give help to the oppressed. It's hard to imagine the hardships that our fellow human beings suffer when we are so insulated from it ourselves. Even the elite in our country that try to be benefactors to the poor have no idea of the reality of their plight.
     It is certain that the poor and oppressed will always be with us but it's also certain that more could be done to help them. We think of ourselves as a country caring for the poor but the reality is we spend more money arming the poor than feeding them. Then the weaponry that we give so generously to the poor ends up in the hands of our enemies and they shoot the poor man that still has no bread to eat.
     I would rather we offer bread than bullets but such is the state of our civilization that someone must be killing someone in the name of some God or belief.
     God help us all for instead of helping and caring we are killing or maiming. Let us therefore pause and remember these heroes of the oppressed, the poor, the defenseless, and the nameless.

      On this Veterans Day take a close look at the thousands of young men ruined for life by the barbaric wars that rage around the world in the name of beliefs that were supposed to unite us in love.
    Think a minute if that were you would you be filled with joy over a parade or would you want better medical treatment and assurances of it continuing for the rest of your life?
     Would you want pats on the back for a job well done or help getting to the bathroom and someone to hold you when you cry into the night? I am sure both would be good though.
     A grateful nation and people to help them, but we do need to do more for these people that have suffered so much to keep the battles far away from us. We want the insulation and the assurance that we will be safe and warm and secure in our ideals, so let us do more for these lovely wonderful men and woman that have suffered so much for us in reality. Remember also the ones with no outward signs of injuries but who inwardly are a painful site, raging with injuries we can't see.
    I salute them all and I am proud to be an American that is from the same country as these wonderful men and women. God love them all and give them pride that we adore them and honor their love and sacrifices for us. Now let us stand up and unite to make sure they are treated in medical facilities that are the best with fast service and the best doctors and treatments. Let us give to make sure these wounded warriors have what they need and more; an assurance that this is going to continue. That we will make sure they are never mistreated and forgotten ever.That we will stand by them for the rest of their lives.

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