Publisher Eternal Press

Publisher Eternal Press
Love and the Paranormal

Friday, November 29, 2013

The best selling Highland Christmas Series

Regency Christmas Romance, fairies, Dagda, ancient Celtic God
with a Magical harp in Highland intrigue

   Lady Ros Amber Sinclair has never been loved or loved anyone.  Her life was void of the nicer feelings.  She determined to serve her country and do whatever it would take to stop Napoleon.  She has estates, money and looks so why would she need love.
  Declan MacDonald’s family is cursed. The men marry but never love.  It is something that he has accepted.  He knows he will never love a woman so he is determined to serve his country as a spy.  He will do whatever it takes, lie, steal, or kill to preserve Scotland.
   Declan is sent to kill the woman spy that is working with Napoleon.  He never thought he would kill a woman but for his country he would.  
   “Sometimes there is magic, sometimes it is necessary and sometimes it is love.”
 He pulled her into his embrace but she was not close enough so he held her tighter and claimed her lips with a savage kiss that took her breath away.
May Dagda’s harp play for you someday and give you ecstasy.

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