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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Suzanne Brandyn: Four Corners Friday-Linda Gibbs

Suzanne Brandyn: Four Corners Friday-Linda Gibbs: I'd like to welcome Linda Gibbs, the author of My Angel, My Light, As Darkness Falls . Linda is also the great great granddaughter of Daniel...


  1. My book is all about love and of shattered dreams and, well, here is a sample:

    It is a Regency Romance set at the time of the last battle with Napoleon.
    Prudence Elizabeth White, the daughter of the Earl of White is left alone
    while her brother Michael and soon to be betrothed, Fearghass MacDonald, the
    Duke if Sumerled rush off to the battle. Days later neither has returned so with
    no one to help her Pru goes in search of her loved ones. She finds herself
    immersed in horror unimaginable and she almost loses her mind and would
    except for the man who holds her and kisses her in the pitch black night on the
    battlefield among 40,000 dead bodies. Needless to say, she falls in love with her unseen but very
    comforting hero. The only problem is that her hero is French and a vampire.
    Destitute, Pru takes up residence in a ruined castle and soon finds that it already has residents, a few ghosts and demons. Her midnight love protects her until he is injured saving her.
    He also finds he needs other things besides food, another hunger has overcome him.
    Suddenly another man comes to the castle, the owner. Pru is terrified and intrigued, as he looks very familiar. Is he someone who will protect her or harm her?
    Pierre cannot leave Pru alone. He is deeply and hopelessly in love. He hungers for her with a fire he can barely control. In the darkness, he holds her and protects her but how will he protect Pru from himself.
    Dughlass is stunned that someone has taken over his castle until she falls at his feet and his heart falls at hers.

    He started down the stairs and heard a moan coming from Pru’s room. He
    could not help himself; he was inside her room in a second. She was having a
    fitful dream and he felt some presence in her room. He looked around for this
    cursed man she wanted but did not see him, but there was something…what was
    it…then he saw it a darkness hovering over her.
    “In God’s name what are you? I adjure you in the name of all that is holy;
    stop what you are doing! You cannot have Pru! If you must have something or
    someone, take me!”

  2. I am so excited about my book, you can get it in kindle, or nook or paperback and it is so easy to order online.
    My digital ISBN: 978-1-61572-602-8
    Print ISBN: 978-1-61572-603-5

    I think this is the best book I have done. I did write three other books but not with Eternal Press and it is the best publisher I have ever had. I really have enjoyed worked with them at Damnation Books too.

  3. I think Danel Boone's life was very interesting too but I may be partial. I feel that he had a lot of romance in his life.

  4. I think vampires are so sexy and I since I had to have one in my book, he had to be French because they are so very sexy too. Lol. I wanted a very sexy man to love Pru but she needed a couple so I have always thought Scottish men sexy and I had to add one of those, just to make it interesting.