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Publisher Eternal Press
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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Title: The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae Author: Stephanie Laurens Genre: Historical Romance Review Rating: Five Stars Reviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs At the Cavendish House in London, Angelica Rosalind Cynster spies her hero, a tall dark stranger that she insists a friend introduce her to. Her sister's have captured their loves and she knows this man is hers, but after the introduction and trip to the gardens, she hopes for a kiss, he proceeds to kidnap her, and whisk her away. She, of course, is furious but can not oppose the strength in his hands. Viscount Debenham is ecstatic for his prey just fell into his waiting arms. He sends her off in his carriage all trussed up like a prize pig and returns to the party to keep the guilt off his impeccable name. Angelica is livid by the time her chosen hero returns but he asks to explain and she listens. Being a Cynster, she forms plans of her own and even before the trip to Scotland is underway, she has an agenda. This is a funny, romantic, passionate, adventurous, gallop of a story that I fell in love with. I read it in two days and its not a light book. I loved it, could not put it down. I highly recommend this lovely story and know you will thoroughly enjoy it too. I gave it Five Stars. The characters were well developed and the plot exciting. Besides each having their own good redeeming qualities they each had their own hidden problems. The minor characters were endearing as well. The Scottish clan as a whole had their own personality and of course the Cynster clan never fails to inspire. It was a grand conclusion to the three book trilogy. I loved this story and hope to read more as exciting from Laurens shortly. I can never get enough. Linda Hays-Gibbs

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