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Publisher Eternal Press
Love and the Paranormal

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Man said it's all about what God can do for you?
 No! Its NOT! It's about our Love, devotion and the sacrifice of our lives in devotion on His altar! It is about what we offer to God! We give worship to Him His life of love is the Way, the Truth, His message and His life and He loves us! We must Sacrifice make the sacrifice of our lives submitted in Righteousness and in love and devotion to His plan, not our way but His Way, not our Truth but His Truth! & of our trying with all our hearts to live as righteous a life as possible because we love Him confessing our sins and devoting our lives to the Truth and submission to His Life of sinless living We are not perfect, won't be, but we are supposed to try for perfection! We won't make it, but we try because of the love for Him!
Sure God can do wonderful things for us but that's not what it's about! It's about our sacrifice to His altar of all we are; All we can ever be, and God help us what we were!
      Living water is not literal water it's the Holy Spirit! God help us the preachers are wrong! He said he(this preacher on tv) don't understand it! My point here is; then why are you preaching? You are preaching wrong! You don't preach unless you are called of God; if he wasn't called he should not preach; especially lies or the wrong message!

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