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Publisher Eternal Press
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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Why is it that evil corrupt people always try to rule the world. We have some very evil people trying to destroy America right now. They are using poison. The poison is lies, crushing Slithering black nasty lies, repeated over and over again like Hitler did to Germany. Hitler said if you repeat anything enough times you can make everyone believe anything. Hillary told some really black lies and she was and is working with Soros. If you don't know who this black hearted nasty billionaire is, I suggest you try to educate yourself.
     Anyway the point here is a good honest man had been slandered horribly by paid for words media, who would sell their grandma and country for the almighty dollar and have.
     Trust me when I say give Mr Trump a chance. He will show you that he is a good man and only wants good things for everybody! He is not a racist, not against gays or women, these vicious lies and slander are hard to swallow but you gullible idiots have. Just let him show you. He wants to improve the lives of inner city black kids and stop the slaughter,get jobs for them and everybody. He cared about New Orleans flood and went there in person. He gave essentials to people. He wants to be fair and honest with everyone and he's won the election people.
     He fought 16 competitors for the primary win. Then at the last minute they stuck two more idiots on his ticket to take him down. Hillary stuffed ballot boxes and cheated every way she could.We have it on video and confessed but you people still want a corrupt criminal who cares nothing for anyone but herself. It boggles the mind that you didn't listen to his speeches that were about change and help not lying and trashing every minute.
     But forget all that and let the man show you he can help us keep our country that Hillary sold to the highest bidder and lied about it. Please stop being hired by Soros to beat up and steal from innocent people or keep a pregnant woman from getting to the emergency room. Stop being Communist Socialist because we are a Democracy and a President was elected by the people. If you like Communist Socialist Progressive Globalism that will take your country from you. Leave you without a home and you will be responsible for being a traitor?
     If you want to serve Soros and these reds then please leave America and live in that type of country and government. America was started for freedom of speech and press not paid for words but spontaneous discourse. You know who you are and I am ashamed of you but if you really believe that is the kind of country you want, then go there do not stay here where we have a VOICE and I want to keep my voice.
   So bottom line is give Mr. Trump the same respect and dignity we all gave Obama the first black President. Pay Mr Trump the same respect or leave my country and do not come back.
    Thank you for reading this and if you have the courage to be a real person, please consider my suggestions.

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