Publisher Eternal Press

Publisher Eternal Press
Love and the Paranormal

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Why would someone get your book for free, read it, tell the whole plot and trash it and do the same to another they get for free? It seems I have an enemy or a great friend. If my books are this bad, I should quit writing and save myself and my poor readers, especialy one from free reads that are horrible. But why read them and tell the WHOLE plot? This is a mystery to me. Please someone tell me is this normal? I had to work hard to get my published books reviewed and they are all grand most five star. So I try to self publish a few just for fun. I guess that was a big mistake but its funny that I am making money on them when they aren't for free. One I offered for free on one day was downloaded 300 times. Is that bad? I just want to know if this is just deliberate trashing or if it is a real person. She hates regency but that's what I write. One is a satire and she did not understand it was supposed to be funny. Okay I'm a failure and on my birthday. I shall crawl away and lick my wounds again; as this person has ripped me open. Write me: I would love your advice. Thank you

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