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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Title: Married at Midnight Author: Arabella Sheraton Genre: Historical Regency Romance Review Rating: Five Stars Reviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs Julian Edward George St. John Trevallon, the twelfth Earl of Pennington has an estate in need of funds but does not want to marry. He is determined to find a solution to restore Penrose and his estates that his idiot older brother, Blevin paupered by gambling before he died. He has a great uncle, Sir Oswald Barton, that left a very peculiar will. He must marry by midnight of his thirtieth birthday to inherit a fortune or remain poor. If he marries at the time specified in six months after the marriage; he inherits $250,000 pounds. It is now six days till his birthday. He is traveling when he almost runs over a dark clad figure with red hair. He stops to find a woman on the road and takes her to Pemrose to see to her injuries. The doctor informs him that she was attacked. Roxanne Chesney has just lost her father, Horace and been forced to marry a horrible nan, Edgar Doyle that tries to rape her, but she smacks him over the head and runs away. Suddenly, she finds herself in the home of Julian and he proposes that she marry him and he will give her $25,000 just until the six months are up. Then she can leave and no harm done. This is a delightful experience of regency love and the problems of a young girl in this era. It winds its way into your heart and mind. I love regency and I loved this story. The problems that Roxanne had to overcome we're extensive and the twists and turns of the story kept me turning pages and worrying over her. I could read stories like this every night. Kudos to Arabella Sheraton again for a job well done. Thank you for a wonderful read. You understood your characters personalities and gave them flesh and bones. The ending was a marvelous surprise and the other characters had you routing for them too except for, nasty Mister Doyle. This lovely tale gets Five Stars for regency elegance and heart throbbing excitement. Excitedly more of this author's books will grace my library and yours soon. Linda Hays-Gibbs

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