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Publisher Eternal Press
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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Title: The Viscount's Vow Author: Collette Cameron Genre: Historical Erotic Romance Review Rating: Five Stars Reviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs Sizzling Romantic Fantasy Ian Warrick, the new Viscount Warrick has just lost his father, Roger and brother, Geoff and the woman to blame is, a harlot in London enjoying the season with balls and entertainments. He sets out with a plan instigated by his stepmother, Lucinda and sister, Charlotte for vengeance. He decides he will ruin this woman in the eyes of the ton. This is his vow and his anger is set. He finds her with a cluster of men, who all call her a strumpet or worse behind her back while begging for her favors. He asks her to dance after a quick introduction from his Aunt Edith. He finds on closer inspection that she is truly very beautiful and enticing to hold and wavers a little in his determination. Evangeline Caruthers or Vangie is finding her debut exciting; except she keeps getting improper proposals. She has no idea why this is happening to her but is just so grateful her Uncle Gideon took her away from Uncle Percival and Aunt Eugenia for any length of time. Aunt Adelaide and Uncle Gideon make her quite happy; while the prior make her life a misery. She never complains about any of the abuse though. While Vangie and Ion are dancing; Vangie has another headache and finds it hard to breathe her stays are so tight so she passes out in his arms on the terrace. He carries her to a retiring room trying to avoid embarrassment. Ion finds she is tuning blue and he can find no help so he loosens her stays. When finally discovered, she is in disabile and he's got his cravat off and shirt unbuttoned, so tongues start wagging. He must now marry her or see her truly ruined. He finds he does not want to ruin her, so what of his revenge and his plan? An interesting turn of events is how Vangie's Romani blood plays a part in her life. She even runs away to her relatives at one point. They are much kinder than her English ones. Such a sexy love story with all the Regency flair and bells and whistles. The characters are scrumptious and you will fall in love with them. The descriptive elements bring the page to life. Vangie has her own problems and does not need anyone to teach her lessons. She is charming with all her flaws and she shows how to bring innocence into maturity and strength with honor into quiet courage. Ian thinks he knows everything as any classic male, but he is brought low by his ignorance. It really sizzles so it's not for the feint if heart but a grand read if you want sexy romance in a regency style. I recommend it to one and all. I give it Five Stars! Linda Hays-Gibbs

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