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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Let us Welcome Michelle Hoefle 
Let's sit back and have a cup of coffee and find out about this great book that is going to be a best seller for sure.

1.      Tell me about your book, Carpathian Blood, and where you got your inspiration for it?
            I have always enjoyed reading paranormal romance novels and have been waiting for a book or series about an extraterrestrial race of beings that are very similar to humans.  Lara Adrian (one my favourite authors) came close, but I envisioned a world totally different from her creations.  When other popular authors did not come up with a book like I had envisioned, I created one myself.  From there, the series was born.
2.      Who has had the most influence in your life? What lessons did this person teach you?
            That would be my mother.  She used to read to me at bedtime, then when I got older, she read Steven King and Dean Koontz to me.  It was our special time as mother and daughter.  She has taught me to be a strong, independent woman.  It’s taken me a while to realize that I am a strong, independent woman, but I like myself now and I like my life.
5.      Ninjas or Pirates?
            I’ll take Johnny Depp as a pirate any day, anyway, anyhow!
7.      What is usually your first thought in the morning?
            UGH!  It’s morning already!
12. What is the most demeaning/demoralising thing ever said about you as a writer?
            A very close family member told me that they did not want to be associated with me because of my “inappropriate book”.  That cut very deeply, but now that I look back on it, I think that it made me strive even more to be published.  I’m not so petty as to say, “Oh yeah, well look who got their inappropriate book published.”  But I did thumb my nose at them once or twice and called “neener-neener-neener!”.
16. Have you ever killed someone in a novel and regretted it later?
            Not ever.  That clerk or cashier that pisses you off at the store?  Bwahahaha...kill them off later in type.  Talk about instant therapy!
19. What are the most important attributes to staying sane as a writer?
            Since I don’t think I am quite sane, I wouldn’t know.  I love being weird, quirky, and spontaneous.  It keeps other people on their toes and lets me see the world as I like it to be.  Call me an escapist, but I like my reality.
21. What are books for?
            Books let you escape your reality for a small amount of time.  Whether fiction or non-fiction, they allow you to become immersed in another world.  They can inspire, create desire, or take the form of our fantasies.  How cool is that?
23. What would you do with 1 million ping pong balls?
            Put them into a swimming pool and invite the neighbourhood kids over to jump in.  One big, massive ball pit.  WooHoo!
27. What’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done or ever been done for you?
            One Christmas when my girls were young teens, times were tough.  It was the first Christmas following my divorce from their father.  I was only able to get them two presents each and a few things for their stockings.  They acted like it was the best Christmas ever!  They exclaimed over their presents that year and made me feel good.  It still brings tears to my eyes now when I think about it.
29. Is Elvis really dead?
            As a doornail
31. What is your favourite quote?
            “I yam what I yam” by Popeye.  How true is that?!
33. What three things would you save from a fire at your house? (assume that all your family get out safe.)
            Since I don’t consider my pets things, they are family, they get out safely.  I would have to say the photo albums of my daughters (one each), then the last thing would be one of my mother’s woodcarvings (she is a very talented artist).
40. When did you first consider yourself a writer?
            I’m still coming to terms with becoming an author.  WOW!  That is what I think when I see my cover or send in a new edited copy.  I think that it will finally sink in when my first book, Carpathian Blood, is released.
42. What’s your favourite love story? (movie or book)
            I would have to say out of all of my favourites, I think Love Story with Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw.  Yes it’s sad, but what a love...***sigh***
43. If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?
            I have three: Don’t listen to negative people.  Don’t forget where you come from.  Don’t let life just happen, make it happen.
44. Someday I want to...?
            I want to go to Australia.  I want to ride a wild brumby and kick it up with the locals.
46. Name one thing that drives you crazy.
            Other drivers.  I hate having to share the road with imbeciles!
50. Do you prefer ebooks, paperbacks or hardcovers?
            I love eBooks.  You can download them on almost anything anymore and take them anywhere without taking up space on a shelf having to be dusted every single week.
All the talk of vampires had obviously killed Mack’s appetite. She had only made it through half of her sandwich and chips before she pushed away her plate. She looked ill at a sudden thought.
“You gave me your blood! That was not a dream, gave me your blood. What does that mean for me?”
She was looking him straight in the eye, her chin held high.
“That sounds like vampirism to me, Drac.”
“Not at all, blood exchanges are often done during mating, but only between mates. Transfusions from live hosts are given in cases of medical emergencies, life or death situations only.” He paused to let her adjust to all the information. “As for what all of this means for you...It means that you will have to ingest a Terranian’s blood at least once every few weeks from now on. Your life-span will be greatly increased to that of a female Terranian. You will be stronger, faster, and your brain will develop further. Your healing abilities will be far advanced to that of a normal human. Be assured, Mackenzie, you arestill human. You will not develop fangs or an actual craving for blood. You will need to find a mate among one of my people in order to ensure that you ingest his blood every two to three weeks.” Vlad finished explaining a whole new way of life to her.
At the thought of any other male touching her he saw red with anger. He shook the thought from his mind. He could not afford to feel possessive of her.
“What if I don’t? What if I refuse this new life?”
Reading her thoughts, Vlad could see she was having a hard time accepting what he was telling her. Her breathing picked up speed, he could hear her heart beating hard in her chest.
His eyes became as hard as granite as he answered her question.
“Because I gave you my blood, you will age rapidly and die within one year’s time,” he said softly. “I am sorry if this new life is not to your liking, but I would not watch you die in those woods and I will not watch you die in the future.”
He spoke softly but harshly, his eyes flashing at her. “I will feed you myself until such time you find an acceptable mate.”
Vlad made it sound like a decree.
“Harrumph! An acceptable mate? Oh goody, do I get to choose this prince charming or do you? You are neither my father nor my king! You are so arrogant. Tell me just how old are you anyway? With your type of attitude towards...”
Her voice trailed off as she stared at him in dawning comprehension. He remained silent, just raising an eyebrow at her.
“Oh no...No, no, no! You can’t be. You’re the real Vlad Tepes, Vlad the Impaler?”
Her heart was going to explode out her chest if it beat any louder or faster, she was almost hyperventilating. He reached for her hands which were fisted on the table. She jerked them back.
“Don’t touch me! I’m...I am leaving now, right now!”
Mackenzie stood quickly, knocking over her chair in her haste. She ran around the opposite side of the table from him like a scared doe racing from a predator in the forest. He reached her at the doorway to the kitchen, moving so fast he was a blur.
He took her shoulders into his strong hands, giving her a gentle shake. He said sternly but softly, “Alain wanted you to live, Mackenzie, he needs you to live. Can you honestly say that you would have rather died? I could not...I needed...”
He paused, staring into her violet eyes, which were large and glittering with unshed tears. She was biting her full lower lip so hard that her blunt little teeth brought a drop of blood. His nostrils flared as he breathed in her blood scent. He lowered his head slowly, his hands and fingers tracing her shoulders, slipping around her to bring her body within an inch of his heated hardness. He kept his eyes on hers as he slowly licked her lower lip, licking away the crimson drop. She gasped at the contact, confused by how she could go from being so angry, scared, and hurt to feeling hot, flushed, and burning. Vlad kneaded her back and shoulders, one hand moving lower, the other moving into her hair to tilt her head back.
Her hands crept around his waist, touching the hard muscles of his lower back.
“Vlad”she breathed into his mouth as she closed her eyes and met his sensual kissable lips with her own

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