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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

's review of Angel in My Heart, Devil in My Soul by Linda Hays-Gibbs 
Jan 02, 13

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Read in January, 2013

John Monroe had been tortured and brought up without love, or affection, by the Devil himself after he was kidnapped as a child. He had been stripped of his humanity and taught evil as a way of life to obey orders from the Devil to execute thoughtless and unspeakable acts of assassination all his miserable life. John was sent on another mission with no thoughts other than to kill his next victim. But then John saw Rachael and was completely infatuated with her beauty. He was stunned and overcome by his reaction to her. Should he kill as instructed, but why was he hesitating?

*** Rachael has a golden soul, half human, half angel who has been sheltered her entire life. When her at last her dear grandmother died and her uncle (she sensed was evil) would have been her guardian she set out on her own. However, a bad fall and bump on her head caused amnesiac symptoms so that when John caught up with her, she couldn’t sense his evil, but only knew that with him she felt safe (sometimes). In using this scenario, it gave Ms. Gibbs the opportunity to allow feelings to develop between Rachael and John based on trust and need.

In ANGEL IN MY HEART, DEVIL IN MY SOUL author Linda Hays-Gibbs brings the reader another exquisite fantasy and inspirational tale of Good vs. Evil. The reader will experience all the emotions of a sensual tale with the awakening of true love for a man who had lost his soul and learned that by the grace of God, he could be saved.

Bottom line: ANGEL IN MY HEART, DEVIL IN MY SOUL gives a very powerful message without being preachy and it combined a beautiful story that was emotionally felt, making this a highly recommended read!

Marilyn Rondeau, for

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