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Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Call to Help the Christians
     I lived in Saudi Arabia for five years. I'm an American and went with my American husband to have a better future, more money, better schools, etc. Although, none of that happened I will say at least I gained a new perspective of things I hardly knew existed. This was in the 80s and 9/11 not even a thought. My eyes however; were opened to the facts: that Americans were not loved; no matter how much money you give it's never enough; and they are insulted by our gifts; they hate Israel as well as US; Palestine and Israel are obsessions; it's a highly restrictive environment of egotistical men who think they and their beliefs are superior and use any means to achieve their agenda. Reminds me of Hitler.  
  Women are cattle that sit in the back of the truck with goats wherever they come from (America, Italy, Germany etc.) Four wives are common. They have riches that we poured into them with which; they can buy the world; a presidency would not be hard. They are of one mind and that is the destruction of any freedom unless it is their own male elite freedom; Annihilation of Israel and their rule is their dream.
   If you think this is harsh, you don't know the half of it. The poor Christians left in ISIS or Muslim Brotherhood  or any silly name they want to call their murdering selves path by our troop withdrawals will be killed with relish and pride! We as a Christian Nation should be yelling our heads off at a President so deaf to the cries of his (Fellow) Christians dying (or is he Muslim as he acts; actually bowing on TV to King of Saudi when he met him).
We must protest! Scream, yell, write emails, tweet, Facebook, (whoever, whatever) with our protests but no we allow a show like "Leftovers" on the air when a man crapped on the figurine of Jesus from a Nativity set. It's not funny and highly offensive but if it was a Quran, Koran it would have been death threats to all. If it was against a black person or a gay it would be terrible consequences but not for Christians who try to help everyone. They might not agree with you but they will fight to the death your right and mine to agree or disagree.
    We must stand up and shout our protest! If you want your way of life of political correctness or acceptance of all to continue with no Christians left you will find no acceptance for all different people are not tolerated in their world.
I saw more heads cut off than I can count. Every Friday mosque. Their own relatives holding them. If you were gay, commit adultery, of a different mind, you won't last long; thieve's hands cut off and other horrible deaths. No rights, no constitution or lawyers none!  Christians will be there with the Jews marked for death. They hate us!
     I didn't know why back then but I knew it was a deep bone chilling hate of enormous proportions so you should be afraid, very afraid. I don't know if our kids or grand kids have a chance if we don't stop them now. This is an extinction of Christians I am talking about. While our President raises alarms about Ukraine and Gaza he gives not even a word of sympathy for them. These sane Christians and Jews are the only reasonably sane people in ME. The rest don't know how to make a true statement to save their own lives. They had rather lay down and tell a lie than stand up and tell the truth. It's a different way of thinking. If they can fool you then they are smarter than you. It is taught they can and should lie to infidels and we are infidels to them.
     I did find a kind of innocence to most over there; a dependence on the group mentality to do what others expect them to do. They are ruled by pride of rule. You can't lose face type deal. You rule your wives, your family, your city and you are Male don't forget; women are cattle. Their rule is absolute!
Help the Christians! Don't wait like the World did in WW2! Do it now! Before you have a death count you can't live with!

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