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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Great interview today/ HORROR Lovers Special Treat


Ross S. Simon
Author of : Red Dahlia (forthcoming); The Snow. 

Ross S. Simon was born Sam Ridings in La Crosse, WI in 1979. He moved at age nine to Santa Cruz, CA, where he still lives. He graduated from Cabrillo Community College, Aptos, CA, in 2005 with an AA in Basic Liberal Arts. His hobbies include pinball gaming, collecting pop memorabilia, and reading very interesting novels.
That's (pretty much) All, Folks.

Horror Lovers! We have a treat today! Famed Horror Writer Ross S. Simon is here!
Pull up a chair and have a hot cup of coffee or cocoa. 
Here is the man. It is such a pleasure to have you here today Ross.
Thank you Linda I am excited to be here too.

Ross tell me what are your interests?
My interests involve collecting quantities of items that could be called pop memorabilia; posters, comic books, CDs of 90s music, and, Lord knows, some vintage toys.  Also, I'm an avid pinball gamer, play some video games (mainly as compensation for the childhood Nintendo my parents chose to deny me on grounds of ADD), and reading quite fascinating novels, which are another thing I forgot to mention that I sometimes collect.

What other types if books will you be writing?
 I'm interested in writing many other genres of fiction; sci-fi, crime drama, comedy novel—in fact, I'll probably have written, in my lifetime, at least one story in every fiction genre known to man.  Yet, since my choices of what to write are so haphazard, probably I'll only have come close.

Tell us about the hero of your story, what is he like?

The hero of my story is Commodore Clifford Selickton RN (Ret.), who sojourns indefinitely to Raj India following World War I, meets/woos/wins a beautiful young Hindu priestess named Virhynda, and they have a baby girl.  But this baby girl happens to be the very incarnation of Kali-Ma, the Hindu demon goddess.
What is their interests or motivations?

 Selickton is motivated at first by a desire for peaceful surroundings after a war as horrible as he's sweated through, but later, after what a native holy man close to him makes clear, his desire is eventually (and with some proof, at that) to do something to save mankind from being slaughtered in Kali's bloody storm of hell-fire.
What else have you been working on?

Just on the horizon is a handful of short stories in horror that I've been working on, but will especially jam down on this summer.  Watch for one or more of the following brief chiller yarns: "Tourist Attraction," "By A Bloody Head," "Strange Bedfellows," "Vein Transplant," "Meat."

Do you have a blog or other places where we can keep up with your progress?
 Although I haven't quite found the energy to keep up a blog, my FB connection is as follows:
(Yes, really. LOL)
There you have it.  Thanks, Linda.
Ross S. Simon


  1. Yet another great interview Linda! Way to go!

  2. Thank you so much Leanna. I appreciate that.

  3. Great interview, Ross and Linda! And Linda, your blog looks amazing!