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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Eternal Press Authors for Eternal Love
Valentines Blog Hop and Contest!

Readers! Would you like to win free E-books from your favorite Eternal Press authors?
Rules: Each time a "Hopper" leaves a comment and email address on a participating author's blog, the "Hopper gets another entry in the drawing (8 possible entries)!!

Comments will be tallied from February 14, 2013 through February 16, 2013 at midnight (eastern time). The winner will be drawn on February 17, 2013.

We've made it easy because we Love our Readers!

Welcome to my Valentine's blog today!

Happy Valentines Day 
All you sweet People 
Be my Valentine
You have My Heart now Read My Contest for the Blog Hop
When you think of the best lovers in Paranormal Romance you have a very extensive group of lovers to consider:  Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Angels, Men, Women, Gargoyles, Aliens, Monsters, Zombies, horror characters, Scifi characters, etc. so I thought very carefully about this. Who would curl my toes on Valentines Day?  If I had my choice? I would love to see Channing Tatum or Gerald Butler as a hot Vampire. Think about sliding your fingers into their hair and having a bite. Oh me oh my that sounds delicious but you also have to consider they would be a little cold. If they were werewolves they would be hot and passionate too with all that fur to keep you warm.  So I have to say the werewolf hotty would be a big turn on. I choose werewolf hotty Gerald Butler with his Scottish accent and puppy dog werewolf eyes to lick a few kisses on me. We could howl at the moon together but if he could also be a vampire we have the ultimate paranormal lover with passion and powers. So I choose A werewolf vampire Gerald Butler as the ultimate lover. Whew!  I get feint just thinking about him. Now what do you think about mine and what is yours for a chance to win?
Remember to visit all the authors below and leave a comment and email address
for an entry to the
Eternal Press Authors for Eternal Love Valentines Blog Hop and Contest

Barbara Winkes - Winter Storm (sequel to Autumn Leaves)
Em Epe – Only Because it was You, Gus McRaidy
Gianna Bruno - The Journey or Hot Chocolate Kiss (winner's choice)
Jacqueline Paige – Salvation
Leanna Harrow - Killing the Desire
Linda Hays-Gibbs - Angel in My Heart, Devil in My Soul
Maeve Alpin - Conquistadors In Outer Space
Stephani O'Hanlon - Affaire de Coeur



  1. Just making the rounds to the other blogs in the hop...

    Happy Valentines Day!

    1. I hopped over there but could find no where to comment, it may be my browser. I did find the fact you have published so many books a very exciting prospect. Congratulations!
      I think I should go back to vampires cause I love little bites on my neck. Lol
      Linda Hays-Gibbs

  2. Just stopping by to show some love ;)

    1. Having trouble writing on the other blogs so ill tell you here that I admire your work so very much. Happy Valentines Day Sweetie and good luck!
      Linda Hays-Gibbs

  3. I agree with your choices! Happy V-Day!

    1. I loved your article . I just can't see why we all have to struggle so much. It makes it hard but worth the effort.
      Happy Valentines Day and love to you

      Linda Hays-Gibbs
      Angel in My Heart Devil in My Soul

  4. Making the rounds! Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Thank you for making the rounds cause I'm having trouble seeing all your sitesi know its probably my computer. I need a new one, if only I could afford one. Lol
    Great site Happy Valentines Day Love you.

  6. I love your post. I hope you had a great Valentine Day!