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Publisher Eternal Press
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Monday, February 4, 2013

My Latest Review of a new book

Review by Linda Hays-Gibbs
of A Hint of Frost
By Hailey Edwards
Paranormal Romance
478 pages
In a different kind of world where there are fanged people with venom and people have spinnerets to weave from their fingertips, you are intrigued from the start. As I love paranormal love stories, I loved this one. The author gave an escape with fleshed characters you learned to love or hate and a sweet tale of soul mates. I appreciated the vivid pictures of an alien world based on things I had not dreamed. I love something different and compelling. I had trouble with the long names for I do not believe I could pronounce them if I tried, but that let you know this was not Kansas either.
I really liked this tale of betrayal and love too. Thank you for a great read Hailey. I look forward to more.
Linda Hays-Gibbs
The Romance Reviews/reviewer and
Eternal Press author

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